What sonic gains from 300B tube push-pull config.

I currently have a Ming Da 300B-4T in push-pull config with 22W per channel. Since I don't have any amp to compare it with, so I am not sure what sonic advantage would the 300B tube give over other types.
I can understand 300B in SET but what does it do anything in a push-pull?

Anyone has any opinions?
As a first time tube amp owner [845 SET] I'm wondering the same thing myself. I was reading about another 300B amp [can't remember which] that was designed for push-pull. Up until then I hadn't heard of that before, all the 300Bs I'd read about prior to that were all SET designs.
300b in a push/pull configuration retains much of the midrange magic of the 300b in SET, but tightens up the overall sound, especially in the bass region. 300b push/pull i think is some of hte best sound i've heard from an amp...
I have just purchased a MingDa 300B 4T that is new in the box however it has no tubes or user manual. I contacted Sophia Lee at MingDa Meixing asking for information concerning this amp and what type of tubes it uses. The reply I got back was that they never made a 300B 4T and suggested it could be a copy. Also said that the amp looks like there MC300-A or the MC300-AA they produce but other than that could tell me nothing. I have searched the internet with no luck on this model and this thread so far is the only thing I have found using the 300B 4T model number. Can you give me any information you may have on this amp and tell me what type of tubes it uses, PLEASE. I want to order the correct tubes, get it wired to my Klipsch Cornwalls and then fire this baby up. If you have a user manual I would be more than happy to pay you for a copy plus shipping. The main question is, What Tubes Does It Use. If you or anyone can help with some information that would be great. Thank you, 944turbo
Andy 2, I don’t think I can add anything new to the many excellent threads discussing the trade-offs between SET and push-pull designs; and I’m confident that an archive search will provide you with a plethora of information.

Tube preference is a separate issue, IMO. I like the 300b tube and it would be my tube preference in any design - money not being an issue; and there, I believe, is the rub. The best 300b tubes are expensive, and are more commonly used in SETs because only a single pair is needed. I used to dream of one day owning a VAC Renaissance 140. Given my current taste in 300bs, re-tubing would be cost prohibitive.