What Songs Do You Have Several Renditions Of?

I have multiple renditions each of "Make It With You" and "Stella By Starlight".
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"Icarus" by Winter Consort (multiple); Ralph Towner (
Multiple); Synergy (aka Larry Fast)
'When I Fall in Love', 985 versions, and growing. A standard every artist does, at least once.

Over the Rainbow

Bye Bye Blackbird
Most of them with multiple renditions once became boring
Wow 985 versions! I can't even come close to that. I think "All along the watchtower" and "Poncho and Lefty" I have 3 or 4 versions of each....985! Did Bob Dylan or Pink Floyd ever do a version of "when I fall in love"? I feel like the guy that rode a Mo-ped to the Harley convention:)

By the way no offense Buconero, just amazed that 985 artists recorded that one song. Wasn't that a big Nat King Cole standard?
Fleetwood Mac's "Silver Springs"
Buconero, have you actually listened to all 985 versions of that song? It would take you 65.6 hours, almost 3 days, to play every version just once if the song is 4 minutes long.

I cannot imagine wanting to hear the same song performed 985 times. You must have *incredible* stamina, maybe a Triathlon is in your future???

Well, I see their are some skeptics about the 985. First time I heard the song was in 1956, Joni James, mono LP. Took it to college along with three other LP's. Still play Joni's version at least once a week.
I have at least two dozen versions of Gershwins' "Summertime" from the Zombies to Miles Davis. Probably at least two dozen versions of "Tobbaco Road".

My favorite are: "Man's World" and "Jailhouse Rock" by Residents.
I'm trying to have a collection of "Wayfaring Stranger." The Johnny Cash and Eva Cassidy versions are nice recordings of genius. The Neko Case version also fine. Suggestions welcome.

I'm trying to have a collection of "Wayfaring Stranger." The Johnny Cash and Eva Cassidy versions are nice recordings of genius. The Neko Case version also fine. Suggestions welcome.


Emmylou Harris did a wonderful rendition.

I have quite a few versions of "Hallelujah." It seems odd that so many artists cover this one after Jeff Buckley's untouchable version.
If you always buy the latest release by Lionel Richie, or own several CDs by Thelonious Monk, you have multiple reditions of a lot of stuff.
"Gentle on My Mind"- 3 versions, Campbell/R.E.M./Hartford; Hartford's the best. "Wichita Lineman"-Campbell; love R.E.M.'s cover.
"A Hazy Shade of Winter"- toss-up b/w S&G's original and the Bangles' cover.
"Galveston"- I have Glen Campbell's version on LP. R.E.M. has a snippet on YouTube that I would love to have a complete recording of.
"Alabama Song"- London Sinfonietta and the Doors (still one of my favorites from them).
"Mack the Knife"- London Sinfonietta and Sting
Wayfaring Stranger - also done by Joan Baez in Sharon Isbin's cd.
J.S. BACH- Art Of Fugue- harpsichord, string quartet, organ, piano, guitar, orchestra...
J.S.BACH- Toccata and Fugue in D-Minor BWV-565
VIVALDI- La Straviganza
BEETHOVEN- #5, #7, #9
Lots of jazz standards, but for rock music, the song with the most takes in my collection might be The Kinks' "You Really Got Me".

I own versions by

The Kinks (3), the original and two live recordings, plus

Mott The Hoople
Van Halen
Sly & The Family Stone
13th Floor Elevators

There might be another couple rattling around that aren't coming to mind, as well.

"Faded Love" - favorites are Delaney Bramlett and Doug Sahm's.

"Iko Iko" - The Dixie Cups, Cyndi Lauper and Dr. John are standouts

"Bach Cello Suites" - All good but the Martin Zeller and Zuill Bailey are current favorites
I have about a dozen versions of "Wayfaring Stranger" which has long been a favorite. Another favorite is "High Flying Bird" with at least a dozen versions and then there is Tobbacco Road where I must have a couple dozen or more versions.

Hey Sfar

You didn't like the "Iko Iko" rendition from Zap Mama? That one I find most enjoyable. Whenever I need to smile I put that one on.

As for me I have multiple renditions of Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode. I've got the original version, too many re-mixes I can remember, Marilyn Manson's version as well as Johnny Cash's rendition.

Both The Neville Bros. and The Dead made Iko Iko a staple of their live shows. I guess I have a bunch of "Iko"s (Iko, Iko, Iko, Iko.....), too.