What song turns back the clock?

One of the joys of life is memory...we need to exercise it to keep it in tune.

I find myself standing before the CD rack, looking for songs that had a special meaning from many years ago...or just bring back a smile as remember them in the context of my youth.

Some of them are:

Alan Parsons--The Raven
Elton John--Love Lies Bleeding and Funeral for a Friend
David Bowie--Rebel Rebel
Billy Joel--Captain Jack
Genesis--Dance on a Volcano

So, what are the songs that turn back your clock?

"Spirit in the Sky" I can remember the first time I heard it on The Flying Bobsled ride at the Bluegrass fair in Lexington, Kentucky. 1977 or 1978, I believe.....

I was sitting next to a very flexible gymnast.


Slave to love by Brian Ferry!
One of These Nights - Eagles, really brings back summer 1975( I think?)
Free Man in Paris - Joni Mitchell spring of 1974
Seventh Sojourn - The Moody Blues... the whole album
Brain Salad Surgery - ELP: spent the winter storm of '77 listening to this at home off for 2 weeks of school because the snow was so bad... anyone remember WBUF out of Buffalo??
other albums that really bring back the 70's:
Steely Dan - AJA
Weather Report - Heavy Weather
Yes - Close to the Edge
Genesis - Seconds out (many memories of very smoky car interiors very late at night)
American Pie - Don Mclean

Senior in HS
Drinking undrinkable wine w/ track team guys in my 442.

Making the windows steamy in the same 442 with Holly :^)
Xiekitchen - we have very similar tastes; love the cut "Free Man in Paris" from Joni Mitchell's Court and Spark and also Steely Dan's "Aja". Yes's "Roundabout" from Fragile is another favorite. Music from the summer of 1966 (the year I really started noticing girls) bring's back some special music memories; Donovan's "Sunshine Superman", "Cherish" by the Association, the Lovin Spoonful's "Summer in the City", "Last Train to Clarksville" by the Monkeys, "Good Vibrations" by the Beach Boys, "Red Rubber Ball" by the Cyrkle, "Working in a Coal Mine" by Lee Dorsey, "Psychotic Reaction" by the Count Five and "Cherry Cherry" by Neil Diamond were just a few from that time period.
Pure Prairie League - Amie
"John Barley Corn Must Die"
Led Zepplin - Stairway to Heaven
Green Grass and High Tides
There are too many to list...
Then there's the disco era, "The Freak"... OK that's enough.
I had a FM converter in my first couple cars.
Vermonter - you have great musical tastes; "School" from Supertramp's "Crime of the Century" is one of my favorites also; listened to that album often back in the late 70s. Also love Alan Parson's Gaudi but early on listened extensively to I Robot and Pyramid; the great guitar solos on the Alan Parson's albums would bring tears to my eyes. The "Lamb lies down on Broadway" is one of my favorite earliest Genesis songs; "Dance on a Volcano" from A Trick of the Tail is one of my favorites also but "Robbery, Assault & Battery" was probably my favorite song on that particular album. When it comes to Elton John "Tiny Dancer" was always one of my favorites.
I grew up listening to WMMS out of Cleveland. I remember all to well the vivid snow snorms of days past. Here's a few that bring back memories.

Bowie - Space Oddity
Zep - Thank You
Stones - Brown Sugar
Rod Stewart - Maggie Mae
Eric Clapton - Layla

There was also my hometown favorite "Left End" with "Bad Talking Lady" ........ Hmmmm I'm old! hahahahaha ......
Hello Goodbye -Beatles, the first time I heard music played back on a "high end" system at my new friend's house on his father's system. That would have been 1967 and I was in the fifth grade. The table was Dual, the amp was probably an Eico or Dynaco, the speakers were Acoustic Research.
Zenieth - you're absolutely right; Maggie Mae by Rod Stewart was a huge song; I remember first hearing it September of 1971 while going through basic training and it really struck me. Another big song I remember from the summer of 1971 was Pete Townshend's "Let my love Open the Door" from Empty Glass; lots of great songs on this album.
I don't think "Empty Glass" came out that early. More like 1981.
Under the Boardwalk - The Drifters, Hurdy Gurdy Man - Donavan, Rainy Night in Georgia - Brook Benton, High Hopes - Frank Sinatra, Pushing Too Hard - The Seeds, Tomorrow Never Knows - The Beatles.. All good songs for time trippin'.
It's funny, I was reading this forum and at first I thought I was too "young" to comment. But I realize I am 32 now and can comment. My very first record was Michael Jackson's Thriller back in the early 80's. I was 10. So when I hear Thriller, it usually "turns back the clock".
Bob Gates,

Yep, anything by Alan Parsons fits the bill. Right after I posted this last night I got a glass of wine and listened to The Raven...I wonder what it woulda been like to have the stereo I have now, back then...that woulda been awesome.

Another awesome thing--I had the chance to visit La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona--one of Antonio Gaudi's most impressive works--it was cool to see the inspiration for an entire album. It is a jaw dropping and awe inspiring piece of architecture.

Jefferson Airplane "If You Feel" from Crown of Creation
Led Zeppelin "Good Times Bad Times" from 1st album
Cream "Strange Brew" from Disraeli Gears
Spirit - Anything from Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus
Iron Butterfly "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida"
Quicksilver Messenger Service "Who Do You Love" (live from Happy Trails
down on the corner, CCR
sittin on the dock, OR
96 tears, ?

all behind a rogers/zildjin kit w/ some older high school chaps, great memories thanks.
Vermonter, your choices pretty much sum it up for me.

I suppose I'd embarrassingly add Boston “More Than a Feeling” and Journey “Lights”. Those songs (and the albums they're from) are still guilty pleasures for me.

I remember the night I first heard Boston on WKQQ in Lexington, KY. They had a great weekly album hour. When "More than a feeling" came on for the first time, I simply couldn't believe it! I thought it was incredible. I loved the whole album and went out to buy it the next day.


Rave On- Buddy Holley

BTW, Empty Glass was released in 1980.
Light My Fire, the Doors. Actually, anything by the Doors.
this is definitely a group of guys from the 60's/70's. There are so many for me, some already listed above. Here's a few more that aren't yet.

Chicago - "25 or 624" (actually the whole CTA album)
Eric Clapton - "Layla"
The Doors - "Riders on the Storm"
Boz Scaggs - "Loan Me a Dime"
Genesis - "Musical Box", "Lamb Lies down . . .", "Supper's Ready"
Elton John - "Madman Across the Water"

definitely not all of them . . .
Chronologically (More or Less):

Older Brother
In A Gadda Da Vida
Sunshine of Your Love
Born To Be Wild

High School
Money /Dark Side of The Moon
Watcher Of The Skies
Sufragette City (Sic)

More Than A Feeling
Beautiful Loser (College in Ann Arbor)
Thunder Road
Love Comes To A Building On Fire

And Done!
Another WMMS Buzzard here, but my pick falls off of the 100.7 play list......Gerry Rafferty Baker Street.
"All Right Now"- Free
"The Pusher"- Steppenwolf
The Rain,the Park and other things,The Cowsills.
Spill the Wine
Sky Pilot
You guys have already listed a few others!
Vince Guaraldi Trio - Linus and Lucy.
>>What song turns back the clock?<<

Janis/BBHC's "Little Piece of My Heart" and the Chambers Brothers' "Time" take me right back to basic training.
Strawberry Alarm Clock Incense and Peppermints
Brother Cornelius and Sister Rose Its too late
Elton John Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Looking Glass Brandy
The Raspberries Go All the Way
The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations... summer, the beach, no cares, girls, etc.
Shaw, Blades new CD.

Had to respond since I’m listening right now to the new release by Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades titled Influence. Shaw (Styx, Damn Yankees) and Blades (Night Ranger, Damn Yankees) just released a CD of covers from the 60s and 70s. Some great songs such as “Your Move” by Yes, ELPs “Lucky Man” and Paul Simons “Sound of Silence” and “I am a Rock.” Excellent vocals on all songs as well as excellent covers. I may have a chance to see them live in Buffalo on Saturday the 24.

Another WMMS guy. Late night hearing "Maggot Brain" or Alex Harvey's "Man in the Jar".
"Baba O'Reilly" and "Won't Get Fooled Again" from "Who's Next" College - girl I had a crush on - her favorite album. Wound up marrying her....

"Pleasant Valley Sunday" by The Monkees. Thought the Monkees were the coolest, hippest thing around then.

All of "Dark Side Of The Moon" while sitting in a meadow on a dark night with my HS girlfriend, trunk open, Pink Floyd playing, drinking cheap beer, staring at the stars, while waiting for the other "recreationals" to kick in. July 1973.
I wonder where she is now?

Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" played by Fredrich Gulda over and over again while watching a total lunar eclipse on a crystal clear night. This was in the middle of a freshly mown hay field in West Virginia in the summer of 1983. With my wife and our best friends.

Great thread! Really triggered some wonderful musical/temporal memories!
I guess this is where my age shows...lol

White Lines-Grandmaster flash and the furious five

Planet Earth-Duran Duran

Boys don't cry-The Cure

Situation-Yaz or Yazoo, depends how well you knew music ;)~
The Crystal Ship (Doors)
This Magic Moment, Jay & the Americans
Tommy James and the Shondells... Crystal Blue Persuasion
I listened to Emerson Lake and Palmer "C'est La Vie" recently to that effect.
It's A Beautiful Day - White Bird
CCR - Down On the Corner
Yes - I've Seen All Good People

Frampton Comes Alive
Small Faces....Tin Soldier, 1967 .....  Steve Marriott , a little guy with such a huge voice and gritty guitar style compared to the norm.... First time I heard that song , it changed my tastes and widened the narrow outlook of youth and status quo............after that , charts meant nothing anymore  from that point forward.