What song best describes you or your life?

My pick is Deacon Blues by Steely Dan!
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"Fade Into You" by Mazzy Star
"I'm A Happy Man" - Jive 5 with Eugene Pitt
Frank Sinatra's "I did it my way", or so my wife sez! :-) But, I do identify with the sentiment.
Life's been good so far - Joe Walsh
I would say “like A Rock” by Bob Seger, I think allot of us can relate to that song.

18 didn’t have a care
20 years now were they go, 20 years I don’t know
''Ripple''....Grateful Dead
"Im too sexy"......Right Said Fred. :)
I have to many multiple personalities for one song to describe my life.
Dazed and Confused--Led Zep
Garebear--I agree with that one.

Czbbcl-- Maybe a double album or a compilation
"Trashy Women"--Confederate Railroad.

Hell, I've got another one of 'em coming over Wednesday night. Just utter filth, I tell you.
I have won Karoke contest's singing "Trashy Women", I love it!
Rock Steady Bad Company
Once in a Lifetime - Talking Heads
How can I kiss the lips tonight, that have been chewing my ass out all day long ... Some Country Western star
Here's another vote for Bob Seger's, Like A Rock. If not that, it would be Eddie Money's, Looking Through the Eyes of a Child. Both, really.
"Our House" - Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
The long and winding road...
Back in the day, it was "Sunday Morning Comin' Down" by Kris Kristofferson.

But I've changed my ways since then.
Tied to the Whipping Post
"When your Schizophrenic, your never alone".
"No More Casual Sex" by Kid Creole


"(You've Tied Me Down With) Battleship Chains" by The Woods

or, maybe even

"You Got What It Takes (To Take What I Got)"

From our Wedding Playlist, but still appicable on the eve of our 4th wedding anniversary!
How about "you and me against the world"
"welcome to my world"
"make the world go away"
"I got the world on a string"

any more songs with the word world in it?
For me: "Send Lawyers, Guns And Money"
Pulled Trouble's Braids, Tom Waits

"Time to move on, time to get going. What lies ahead, I have no way of knowing. But under my feet, the grass is growing." Tom Petty... Witnessing the breakup of a 32 year marriage.

Or "Slow dancing in a burning room." John Mayer

Will still be looking for the "Dance me to the end of love" Leonard Cohen... She wasn't willing.

I hate to say it like this as it goes against the grain a mite, but my song has to be a medley.... in order, Rolling Stones "I can't get no satisfaction", Delbert McClinton's "The Rub", and Keb Mo's "The Door".. in fact the entire album, The Door.... It's a long life, so a long medley seems in order.
How can I love you if you won't lie down?
"I was looking for a job, and then I found a job.
And heaven knows I'm miserable now."
Won't Get Fooled Again- The Who
Don't Take Me Alive - Steely Dan (no just kidding)
More like "Shame" from Steely Dan's Two against Nature, reference my crapped-out graphic design career.
Along that line, Alan Parson's "Time on your side" from I Robot and "Time" Pink Floyd's DSOM.
Music that best describes me would be Happy the Man, Jade Warrior, Traffic...
"Ballad of Dwight Fry" by Alice Cooper back when I was much younger, Now that I aspire to audiophiledom I'd say "Loan Me A Dime" by Boz Scaggs.
If I were to answer this an hour from now I'd have completely different responses...
The Bee Gees' "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart." That song has always meant a lot to me, but especially in the last 10 years.
Hooper I know just how you feel with that song. Everytime I hear it I think of that one special person that was once a great part of my life.
"Ramblin Man"...Allman Brothers - as played when I am getting ready to audition a new component ;)
Very interesting Krellman. I don't hear much about Mazzy Star on these pages.
"I Did It My Way" - Mr. Frank Sinatra
Victim of Love- Eagles
"behind blue eyes" by the who (even if my eyes aren't blue).

pete townsend was a god on the guitar, and an underrated lyricist.
"Son of a Preacher Man", 'Retha
pink floyd..keep talking..."why wont you talk to me..." as the wife says
cat stevens "on the road to find out"
"Birth, School, Work, Death" The Godfathers

"I ain't broke, but I'm badly bent" traditional/ Various artists.