What song/album best showcases your system?

On the occasions that we have a first time visitor over at our house, I tend to always pull out one particular record to play for them. This is the same record that I have used for years. I play, "Piano in the Dark" on Brenda Russell's album entitled 'Get Here'. Her haunting voice and airy soundstage always grabs their attention. The big soundstage and rich, full sound always seems to blow people away, not expecting vinyl to sound so good. Plus it is a song that people always seem to know. I picked up this album in the mid 80s. It is a very good record, I think.
Jeff Buckley "Grace"...the original 1994 pressing. Well recorded. His vocals are THE best test for any system when mids are focused on. If you have planars...you will be blown away. Awesome post question btw.
I play something I recorded direct off the soundboard that has very little if any compression.

If that fails to float their boat, I play 4'33"
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Boult conducts Bax on Lyrita. Boult Conducts Holst is very good, too.
Shelby Lynne - Just a Little Lovin
I'm with Eric - something with some good bongos, percussion or a world class drummer!

for example - this is classic 80's high quality pop production or this live recording has tremendous dynamics and what a groove

Frankly though, I don't give a hoot what others think - most people are deaf and most are not musically trained where they can even recognize something simple like a shuffle versus straight 8ths. These folks are mostly impressed by the usual schmaltz which is why everybody thinks I'm insane, to overlook her faults, but here's the reason I like 'em skinny, instead of full of schmaltz
I was listening to the tune "Know Your Enemy" by Green Day yesterday and took notice that the drums were quite well recorded and lifelike. I might use this in that this is a popular newer tune these days as well. Green Day can sound like crap on a lot of systems, but mine does Green Day extremely well!
If you have not heard of these guys then check 'em out - their albums are well recorded.