What Solid State Pre-Amp compares to ARC LS-26

Just doing some research for a possible purchase. What solid state 2 Channel pre amp would compare in sound quality to the Audio Research LS-26 tube. I would want one with Unity Gain and remote as bare minimum. I want to stay under 6-7000 new or less is better.
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It's hard to compete with an ARC LS-26 in that price range, especially a SS.
I don't think that LS-26 has unity gain. Would you like to have balanced in/outs? What amplifier you're using? You can get away with MUCH smaller investment for new as long as both components will sound best. For unity gain give it or take McCormack RLD will tax most of the ones in the price range you've mentioned(only no balanced outs). Another contender with balanced outs is Wyred4Sound STP that has very low gain.
I am using a McIntosh MC402 amp and to answer the LS26 does have unity gain under a PROC input. I prefer to have both Balanced and SE since I already have the cables. I will put your suggestions on my list.
As I've said many times the PS Audio PCA-2 is one of the best line stages out there. It's just so inexpensive used no one believes it. The build quality is great. If you can find the outboard PS it's even better.
Ok, the Bel Canto Pre can be had for $950 - $1100 used and actually sounds better to my ears. This is an amazing preamp for $1000 used and has all you are asking for.
I meant to state the Bel Canto Pre 3. I have been using one for several months while my tube preamp is being built. I never expected it to sound this great. Very special and a steal for the price.