What solid state power amp are you using with your Harbeth Super HL5+ speakers?

Harbeth Super HL5+ speaker owners: Are you driving the Harbeths with a solid state amp? If so, what amp and how much power? Your impressions. I’ve been using a Conrad Johnson CA-150 (SS) integrated with my Harbeth SL5+ and the sound is nice but is underpowered at 135W@8ohms. Also, I would like a little more refinement with the amp. Bryston 4B3 perhaps? Thanks!

Anthem STR Integrated. I find the sound to be pretty neutral in a natural vs. dynamic comparison. Think acoustic guitars vs electric. If vinyl is your preference the phono stage in this amp is very good. 


My room dimensions are: 18.7 ft. X 13.3 ft. The speakers are along the longer side.
I use the Aesthetix Mimas for my SHL5+ now. Before that I used the 60 watt Ayre AX7e. My room is 12 x 20 x 9 and even with with the Ayre, I could not cause any clipping at volumes louder than I could stand. Both amps are balanced bridged designs.