What solid state power amp are you using with your Harbeth Super HL5+ speakers?

Harbeth Super HL5+ speaker owners: Are you driving the Harbeths with a solid state amp? If so, what amp and how much power? Your impressions. I’ve been using a Conrad Johnson CA-150 (SS) integrated with my Harbeth SL5+ and the sound is nice but is underpowered at 135W@8ohms. Also, I would like a little more refinement with the amp. Bryston 4B3 perhaps? Thanks!
I have not owned Harbeth speakers but heard this model at an audio show with a Vinnie Rossi LIO, only 25 watts but It’s one of those unforgettable moments. There was also a very expensive vinyl rig playing something incredibly well recorded that added to this unforgettable moment in sound.
I have used my Super HL5 Plus with Rogue Audio M-180 monoblocks (180 WPC) and currently ARC VSi55 integrated (50 WPC), both are tubed.  I use solid state with my Harbeth P3ESR - Simaudio 600i (125 WPC).  I agree that you don't need a ton of power. 

What exactly do you mean by "underpowered"?  If you want to have rock concert levels these may not be the right speakers for you.

I have to turn up the volume of my CJ CA-150 to almost half way to get to the level that I enjoy and it is not real loud. A lower output source can force me to put the volume slightly over half way. However, it does sound wonderful and I don't hear the sound starting to break up. The CA-150 integrated is equipped with a passive pre. If I mated the CJ MF-2275 power amp with my CJ ET-5 preamp would I receive more gain?
@routeman21 That's about where my listening level is with my Super HL5 Plus with my 180 watt tube momoblocks.  When I really crank it, it goes to about 3' o'clock on the volume dial.  That's with my Modwright LS 100 preamp, which goes to 11!

There's nothing wrong with that, in fact, it's a good thing, because you have smaller steps between each volume step, allowing you to have more flexibility in setting the volume.  Imagine if you only had to turn the volume to the 9 o'clock position.  The difference in volume levels between each turn of the volume dial would be much greater than they are now, giving you less ability to get the volume level exactly where you want it.
Jjss49, from the list, I have used the Nait XS to drive the SHL5 before. The amp is underpowered in driving the speakers and the result is underwhelming. If sticking with Naim, you need 282/250DR minimum for the SHL5+. Better still 252/300DR or higher but from that point it gets too costly.

The Harbeth SHL5+ sounds great with the 282/250DR a significant improvement over Nait XS. I know since I own the former.