What software for 24/192 playback on PC?

How do I play 24/192 files on my Windows based PC? Do I need any specific software? Thanks in advance.
I use J River 16 Media Center and cannot recommend it highly enough.
foobar works very well for me and it's free. A wonderful piece of software.
yes, foobar is an excellent software.
Another thumbs up for Foobar2000. And, it's totally free!

Media Monkey seems to work pretty great. Also free.
J River. Period.
I always got a impression, that Foobar's user interface is for Excel fans, not normal people. Its main selling point is that it is free.
need special driver sw if usb outputted. no music player will fix that. ok for other interfaces.
If you use a PC, make sure that you use either Kernel Streaming plug-in or WASAPI to bypass the damaging core audio kernel. Avoid ASIO.

If you want the very best results, avoid PC. Use Mac with Amarra, Pure Music or AyreWave etc. Mac Mini is the most trouble-free and has the best USB infrastructure.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Tried foobar, now j river. Less jitter with j river (wapi event setting)
Assume your post relates to setting up your Zodiac Plus?
Congratulations, BTW. Looks like an impressive entry into the high-resolution DAC field.

I had begun a sentence with the standard dogma that Windows OS's don't provide native USB 2.0 support for 24/192, and require an additional driver to be installed. However, it appears that your Zodiac + supercedes that with its proprietary USB bus, with apparently no extra software drivers needed, even for 24/192?

In any event, the newer versions of several PC-based media players make it very simple to accomplish bit-perfect, exclusive use, high resolution data streaming that equals what has been around for a while on the Mac side of the equation, often at a much higher price.

I'm running JRiver MC15 with Ayre QB-9 (plus Thesycon USB driver) and find it highly satisfactory with many extra, easily accessible features, including memory playback and core algorithms that operate in 64-bit mode.

How and where do you get 24/192 files from?
I have tried foobar, jrivers and media monkey. Foobar and Jrivers are equivalent in sound quality, foobar is free and works well, once you get used to it, its fine. Jriver however is more user friendly with a few more features. I found media monkey to work just fine, but always had the perception that foobar and Jrivers sounded better. Foobar does show if you are using 16 bit or 24 bit and all sample rates from 44/48/88/86/176/192. They all play fine for me. I had some jitter, added some ram and removed a program that could have interfered and have been fine since.
I was using Jrivers on a trial basis, finally got cheap and just stuck with foobar. I am currently using a cheap 24/192 usb dac with propriatary drivers and I output wasapi.
The most known place is HDTracks, I have bought a few from them, but B&W has them, Linn has them I don't remember them all, but go onto computer audiophile and they have a nice list. Many sites will give you a free sample. Most use Flac, but I do have some very nice wav files... don't remember where I picked them up at. The big provider HDTracks sells Flac.
Thanks, Timlub.

What do I need to play these file to my system (I only have preamp, amp, CDP without digital input)? 
j river does right by me
Lots of options, i'll send you an email through the system in a few hours. Tim
Okay, my Mac Mini died, so I had to revert back to a PC laptop running Foobar2000 for a week.

Not even in the same league as the Mac Mini running Amarra 2.3. The difference is huge.

Get Mac and Amarra, period.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
I've been using foobar for some time. Even better than Jriver to my ears.
" How do I play 24/192 files on my Windows based PC? Do I need any specific software?"

Yes, you do. Many people, me including believe JRiver is one of the best. Additionally you have to download something like ASIO

Good Luck

Mac Mini died? That isn't a clue? That is all of the
information I need to know! You kind of ran over that real
critical piece of information so fast, I almost missed it.
Sure, I will run out and get my dead Mac Mini right away!
I will certainly appreciate the High End Audiophile Sound
Quality of silence! It doesn't sound very good when it is broke, and panting about how great it sounds doesn't change