What small HT speakers to buy?

Currently own PSB Image outfit for my home theater system. But I am reconfiguring my video and will be going with plasma in a week or two, will like “matching” speakers that can be mounted on the wall to save space and be more kids friendly.

I am a 2-ch guy with $50k+ invested in my system, so most of the small “satellite” speakers with sub just do not cut it even in home theater application. I don’t expect any small speakers to rival the PSB Image, but they should at least not have a big suck out in lower midrange where most of the music and dialogs are happening. I don’t want to spend over $1000 (with sub) since I rather spend the money on my 2-ch system, but I do want them to be able to play loud to fill a 13x19 room.

Suggestions are appreciated, as I really don’t know much about HT speakers in the mass market.


I've been using NHT Super One's mated with an NHT SW-2 sub in my HT system for several years. They have wonderful midrange (and they're darn inexpensive...but don't tell anyone how little you spent...let them think you had to mortgage the house).
Contact Walter at underwoodhifi.com. He's giving great deals on Soliloquy. The Sat-5 can be wall mounted and has the same tweeter as their $2500 big brothers. I just got 4 Sat-5's (right, left & 2 for center) and will be getting one more pair for the rears. A 15" velodyne does the rest.
I recommend the Energy Take 5.2 or Encore HT sub-satellite system for home theater. Really amazing sound for the money and have won numerous awards.

More info at http://www.energyloudspeakers.com
Definitive Technology makes fantastic HT speakers, thier Pro-Cinema 60 setup runs about 699.00 with the 150w subwoofer included, and it sounds far better than it has any right to.

Any time i know somone who is asking about a HT sattelite speaker setup i reccommend these, and everyone i know with a set was astonished by thier performance.

give these a try. I think they are the best mini HT speakers available. They will definatly perform in a 13 x 19 room.
The Rocket ELT is getting good feed back. Check them out at av123.com.
I have a few options for you to consider. First off, I would like to second the NHTs. If you can spring it the NHT's would be the way to go. They have the best midrange, and a superone is by far a better center channel (where most of your dialogue comes from) To stay within budget, look for some used superones.
The Energy Take 5.2 for the money is one of the best values on the market, however, I would opt for a bigger sub. One of the Energy 10in subs should do the trick. That's a lot of room you've got, and I don't think that an 8in sub would really give you the effect that you want.
Lastly, I would also recommend that you listen to the Defintive Technology Pro Cinema 100 Package. This setup performed well in every area and I was very impressed with the clarity of this system.
Hope that helps.
To have these plasma-TV-matching speakers hang on the wall, these are your options.
1. Definitive Technology has Mythos series to go with your plasma.
2. Acoustic Research has Phantom series to go with your plasma too, but they are hard to find b/c they are are discontinued. Impressive spec. for a flat speaker and price range in my opinion.
3. ArtcousticUSA.com has out-of-this-world speakers due to looks and price.
4. Gekko speakers with art is an alternative in lieu of ArtcousticUSA.com.
Good luck!
The Take 5.2 system was at the top of the list for my den ht w/flatscreen until I discovered Ascend Acoustics. I purchased 5 of their HTM-200s for around the same price as the Take 5.2 system sans sub. The HTM-200s are sealed 6"d x 6.5"w x 11"h units with two 4.25" drivers and fabric dome tweeter, and are designed for wall mounting, or close to wall positioning. They only come in black matted vinyl, but are solidly built. With two 4.25" drivers vs a single ~3.5" driver in the Take 5.2 you get more mid range grunt and a more seamless transition to the subwoofer.
Check out Totel Dreamcatcher System.
Sorry, I meant Totem. Retails for $1700 but can find it between $1300 ~ $1400.

Check out the Athena and celestion both at Bestbuy. You can order them free shipping. I liked these :


Four of these and a center :


And this economic sony sub :


or this Athena sub :


I prefered the sony one - it doesn't have an upscale sound, but the effect system on the amp gives a nice reverb that sounds good with the Athenas. This will be a fun sounding setup for under a grand.
i've had a good listen to the def tech mythos system and they were great, perform way beyond there size and look perfect around a plasma. I dont know what they sell for in the US, but i'd definately try and audition some.
Check these out - cambridge sounds.


If you need a DVD and amp as well :


You probably heard them - they sound as good or better than Bose for a lot less. Stereo magazine used to say the best speaker value in America.

They are small so they don't throw comfortably cushiony large soundstage, but has a pleasant metallic sound similar to Planar speakers - somthing like Bose cubes.
PSB's Image is a nice speaker ...try listening to Paradigm's Cinema 90 mated to their CC with 70s or ADPs in the rear before making a decision ...unbelievable sound given their size and price.

Magnepans! They have nice wall-mounted options that should crush most of the tiny compromise options out there.
i'll second the recommendation of the dreamcatcher from totem acoustic.