What slim$1000 speakers will match Bryston B-60 ?

Could someone tell me which floor-standing speakers with small footprint (less than 3.5 ft tall), good midrange, transparent (layer-distinct) and clear musical image and soundstage will be compatible with my Bryston B-60 integrated amplifer well (60W/ch rms). Currently, it is connected to a pair of Athena AS-F2 speakers using Ecosse (Scottish) interconnect and cables. The Athena is physically daughting but with good bass, though it is not so transparent(3D)in the midrange or can produce a good 3D soundstage that will match the Bryston. I play mostly classical (85%) and Jazz (15%) music via an Arcam alpha 8 CD speakers.
Vienna Acoustics Bach or Ruark Prologue may work for you. The Bachs sell for $1500-1700 new, depending on wood finish and the Ruarks sell for around $2K. Both are available used occaisionally for around $1K.
Totem Arros, maybe?
ENERGY aps5+2
Bryston distributes PMC speakers; don't know if they are slim and $1000, but chances are Bryston feels they are a good match with their electronics. You might want to investigate and contact them.
I agree with the above posts you should definately check out Vienna Acoustics. They should give give you what your looking for. I also like the Totems
Epos M15.
Thanks for all the suggestions. In a way I have partially solved my earlier problem with regard to the 'nasal' midrange (strong bass response 'invading' miderange) of the Athena AS-F2. When I placed my speakers further away from the back wall to ~ 5', and side wall about 4' in my 15'(W)X30'(L)X8'(H) family room, the midrange becomes clearer and my earlier complain dissipate. Still, the soundstage is not as transparent (layer-rich) as I anticipated (based on my previous experience with a pair of Dynaaudio Audience 8.0, but then the Dynaaudio is almost 3X the price of the Athena). My Athena now is about 6 ' apart and my listening position is about 7 ' away from midline, and with the speakers toed-in at about 20 degree. Any more suggestions will be welcome.
Bryston and Maggies make a great combo...the mg12 is a very underated speaker...about $1100...they also make a direct purchase model...the MMG...which is about half that...with about 90% of the performance of the MG12...still...the Bryston deserves a world class speaker...and the 12s are that in spades...used 1.6s would be the ultimate ticket...good luck
check out the JTMs on carolinaaudio.com
Removing the speaker front grill is absolutely essential for the Athena AS-F2. It is like pulling the curtain open in your room to let in the sunlight.