What size spade for Vandersteen 3A?

What size spade is required for the model 3A (NOT the signature version)? The grooves which contain the screws look pretty small.

It looks like the space is 1/4", but the problem is the outer dimensions on 1/4" spades are more like 1/2". Am I mistaken?

Particularly, will the Cardas CCMS-S fit?
You are correct that you will need smaller, 1/4-inch spades. I have a pair of Vandy 3A Sig's, and have used small spade lugs made by MonsterCable with them. The Alpha-Core Goertz speaker cables that I am currently using are terminated with Alpha-Core's small silver spades (they offer a larger and a smaller size - I have the large spades on the amplifier end of the cable, and the smaller size on the speaker end). As I recall, Alpha-Core also sells a very good rhodium spade (again, in the regular and "small" size).
Cardas 7mm GRS spades should fit. That is what I am using on my Model 5. I am not sure about CCMS-S.
Kimber's standard spade (not the post master) fits nicely on my 3A Signature's. I don't think there is a difference in the barrier strips between 3A and Signature.
In order to fit the barrier strips on the Vandersteen 3A Signature with my 1/4 " Postmaster spades, I completely remove the screw from its screw terminal. Then, I threaded the screw into the spade and with plyers, I crimped the spade tightly around the screw. You can do this with most spade connectors without harming or destroying them. Those connectors which have a space or gap just behind where the screw would go are designed to accept this kind of "abuse". This will allow the connector to fit within the channel provided for the barrier strip.
Des anyone know if the AudioQuest P-8M connectors will fit the 3A Signatures? Also, if there any photo available that clearly shows the connections on the 3A Signature?
I am just curious whether or not I will need to get my cables re-terminated if I switch to Vandersteen 3A Sigs..
Any help?