What size screen for front projector?

I have no experience with front projectors but am trying to help out a neighbor. His seating area is pretty well fixed at 14-16' from where the screen will be. He's strongly considering the new Sony 1080P unit. What size screen would be optimum for this viewing distance? Any suggestions on which brand/model screen - he's looking for a fixed mount screen.
Take a look at CARADA fixed screens...good prices and reviews, Something around 100" will be good at that distance.

CARADA http://www.carada.com/Projection-Criterion-Series-Projector-Screens.aspx
www.projectorcentral.com has a calculator for that projecto to show how big of a screen you can use from where the pj is mounted.

The Cardas are a nice pricepoint but if you are spending the coin on 1080p don't shortchange yourself on the screen.... look at the Vultec Silverstar or Stewart Firehawk both are considerably more money but you will be changing pj more often than screens... my Vultec Silverstar was the best investment I could have made (looks likes a plasma in dynamics and perfect off angle viewing with no hotspots..) The Vultec is not the screen to get if you have ambient light because of the silver screen.

www.avsforum.com has tons of threads on comparisons of screens and how they work with each pj... also go with the larger 3" black border so you can shoot over and not have to zoom in and out all the time depending on sources..

Nice PJ your friend is buying!
My seating is about 14' from the screen and I have
a 103" diagonal Stewart Firehawk. I'm using an
InFocus 7205 projector and the combination is stunning.
When watching sports on HDTV it's like looking through
a plate glass window at the ball park.
Thanks for the suggestions. Stewart is the brand that he was thinking about. He won't be able to demo as we live 250+ miles from anything you'd consider to be a good a/v or HT shop. In fact he's buying the Sony sight unseen based on all the extremely positive reviews. He has $10k budgeted and the PJ is about $8k with tax, so he has up to $2K for a screen. Is there a visible difference between models? Is the Studiotek 130 noticeably better that one of their other models? I'll also have him check out avs.forumcom. Guess we know where the neighborhood Superbowl party will be this year!
Guess I'm lucky this year...gearing up for the Red wing and Piston CHAMPIONSHIPS to come...hope it's in hi-def!

My viewing distance is about the same, and I also have a Sony 1080p projector and have a 100" 4:3 Vutec, so my 16:9 is roughly 87". I could, perhaps, go a bit larger but I don't think the projector is bright enough for much more then 100" with that distance. I am assuming you have the VPL-VW100, and it has even lower lumens output then my VPL-HS51a, though both have the auto-iris so if he has a dark room it should do blacks very well even if he goes large.
Tireguy - thanks for the input. Yes, it's the VPL (Ruby) that my neighbor is buying. Now that you mention the fact that the PJ is not bright enough to do more than 100" at that distance, I think I remember reading a review that basically said that same thing. I'll have to look it up and give to my neighbor. I think I also read that replacement bulbs are $1,000!!!
I noticed that the new projector from sony used a xenon bulb, while I am by no means a Hometheater guru, that was a new one on me. It also listed no life expectancy of the bulb, which is probably a good thing. If it lasts twice as long as a conventional bulb then it really isn't out of line price wise.
The right answer is what works for HIM with HIS projector. He needs to buy it, set it up on a white wall/sheet/cheap screen, and see what subtended field of vision works for him. Preferences vary and will change when he gets used to thinking of his setup as a small movie screen instead of a large TV.

At 16:9, most home theater people would suggest sitting at 1.5 screen widths which translates into screens

112" wide at 14 feet to 128" wide at 16 feet
128 and 146" diagonal respectively.

3 heights seems a better number With a 2.35:1 constant height setup using an anamorphic lens
131" x 56" at 14 feet to 150 x 64" at 16 feet

Since this is too big for the Sony's light output, he'd do better sitting closer to a smaller screen.

We often sit 11' from a 87x49" (100" diagonal screen. While about right for most DVDs at <= 1.85:1, good scope transfers are too small. This matches the subtended field of view you get in the last row of a commercial theater meeting the THX recomendations.
Looks like the concensus is that he needs a screen around 100"D. and then should adjust his seating accordingly. Thanks for everyone's input.