What size Audiophile FUSE for my Arcam AVR300 ?

Hi, I'd like to try the German audiophile replacement fuses in my Arcam AVR300 receiver. Anyone know what size I need to order?
Thanks for the help.

Pull the existing one and read its value?
Gee thanks Larryken. I think lame response is more like it. Why bother if you
can't offer any help. You obviously have too much time on your hands to be
busy posting such nonsense.

My receiver is tucked in really tight in a cabinet that's difficult to reach. I plan to
repaint my living room soon and will have to move the cabinet then. I hoped to
order the fuses before that, install them at that time and put the cabinet back
the next day. If I wait to look inside to check the fuse size, I'd have to leave
the cabinet deconstructed and all my audio gear underfoot while waiting for the
fuses to arrive. So, is it OK with you now if I ask Audiogon members for a little
Okay, Google "Arcam AVR300." Go to the mfgr. website. Follow directions to
seek "Technical Support." Query them about fuse size and value. How about
that? BTW, when I order these fuses from The Cable Company, they never take
more than two days to arrive. Granted, that's in the U.S.
Thanks Dopogue. I knew I could probably get info through Arcam, but first I'd
probably have to listen to them say it would void any warranty, etc. I guess it
doesn't really matter because the warranty's over anyway. Also, a short time
aftter posting this question my father passed away and I was hoping an
Audiogon member had an easy answer which would help me stay focused on the
more important matters at hand. Obviously the audiophile fuse thing is on the
back burner now.