What signal tubes to use when rollin on a Primaluna Pre Power setup?

JUst got a Matched Octet of Tung sol kt 120 for my PL 7s monoblocks, and after 2 weeks its not doing what i want it to. They replaced goldlion KT 88 reissues. THey gave me tighter bass, thin mids and a smaller soundstage with shrill and times highs. 

Current signal tubes are, balwin 12au7 x4 on pre, goldlion reissues 12ax7, and RCA cleartops on pwr 7s.

Speakers are switched over when i feel like it, SF LIUTO, Wharfedale Jade 7, Opera seconda II my current hookup. all good tube players IMO

front end is PS audio Perfectwave with bridge.

thanks to all who help and may the heavens stop you from the next unwarranted upgrade or down? :but we all know thats not going to happen"

I like black plate Raytheons and RCA 12au7.  Even the grey plate Japanese Raytheons are very nice and smooth.  For 12ax7, tubes try GE 5751 triple mica, RCA black plate versions or Sylvania Gold 5751 triple mica.
Btw, how do you like the Jade 7's compared to your other speakers? Thinking about trying them.
For a cheap, if not final, choice you might try some new production Mullard 12AX7's. I found that using them in my Primaluna's help solve some of the issues in the mids and highs.

 FWIW I read comments about the 120's which suggested to me that your problems are more likely caused by your choice of power tubes. I use Tung-sol 6550's in my Dialogue Two (with Tung-sol 12AX7's) and Sovtek KT88's in my Dialogue One (with the Mullards).

Of course I have different equipment, speakers, room, and most importantly ears. Good luck in your search.
The Tung Sol KT-150 power tubes will solve your problem.  Try a pair of Mullard 12AX7  NOS tubes for the signal, or RCA Cleartops.
After rolling various 12ax7s I settled on a set of new series Russian (as opposed to Chinese) Gold Lions in my power amp. They're great tubes and not expensive…got mine as a matched pair from thetubestore.com. I do use the supplied new series Mullard 12AX7s in a Class A single ended guitar amp, and they do the job just fine.