What should you hear?

I'm new to the hobby and curious what type of imaging sound stage you should hear.  I have a pair of Vandersteen 2ce signatures and they sound great.  What I find however is that the imaging, sound stage is very dependent on the recording.   

Norah Jones?  She sounds like she's sitting right in the room.  It's amazing.  

One I'm particularly interested in learning more about is Brubek's Take Five.   The saxophone images great.  Sounds dead center.  The piano however is clearly coming from the right hand speaker and the drums are clearly coming from the left.  Is this typical? 

Thanks for your input and tolerating a "newbie" question. 
Toms should also stretch from your right to your left in descending tone on newer recordings, mimicking what you'd hear if you were watching a right-handed drummer on stage.
mvrooman1526 wrote: " What I find however is that the imaging, sound stage is very dependent on the recording. "

This is as it should be.

The more difference you hear from one recording to the next, the more you are hearing the RECORDING instead of some characteristic "signature" superimposed atop the recording by your system and/or your room.

I think you’re off to a great start!!

Listen to a well recorded symphony if you want to experience good imaging and soundstage. There is width and depth with each section of instruments placed correctly on the stage. 
With a large orchestra you can hear that the string section forms a semicircle, the wind instruments are centered behind them, percussion in the back, etc.

I accidentally stumbled onto the chalet way up on Red Mountain in Aspen where Dave Brubeck and his group would go to hang out. Brubeck’s concert grand piano was hooked up to a time delay system and a monster McIntosh audio system. My brother who’s no slouch in the piano played Brubeck‘s piano through the time delay system with Joshua Light Show hooked up. Trippy, dude!
Thank you everyone.  This information has saved a lot of angst and most likely a lot of money chasing after something that wasn't necessarily supposed to be present with all recordings.   You read so much about the speakers disappearing and the depth of the sound stage, which I do get on many tracks, but was very curious about Take Five as it's such a famous audiophile song.  I thought I may have something lacking when the specific instruments were clearly coming from one speaker or the other.     I listened to it again last night and was really able to enjoy it knowing that was the intended sound.