what should I upgrade next?

I had an old stereo system which consisted of:

NAD 302 integrated amplifier
NAD 502 CD-player
NAD 402 tuner
Linn Index speakers
Linn k-20 speaker cables
Sony DVD player

Few weeks ago I started upgrading my old system for HT. After some research I got the following:

Linn Trikan center speaker
Linn Unik surround speakers
Linn Afekt subwoofer
NAD T753 a/v receiver
Monster interconnect cables
(I will be using the old Linn Index in the front)

I am getting a new NAD T753 from my dealer, since the first one had the hiss problem. I hope the new one will be OK.
First, do you see something wrong with my choices (well I guess now it is too late since I made the purchase already)? What do you think is my weak point / or what should I upgrade next?
Your opinion will be very helpful, since I am a newbie.

What exactly about the sound of your new equipment do you not like? From a previous thread, you had said that you liked the sound of your old NAD amplifier, better than the new HT receiver (on the face of it, not a big surprise given that you are comparing separates to a receiver) ... but you weren't more specific. I would also sit tight, until you receive your new NAD receiver ... since the current one has a hiss problem. I can understand the frustration ... you upgrade and you can't even enjoy the new goods.

Regards, Rich
Too late now but a unified Linn system was available with a Linn Classik Movie System.

Thanks for you answer. The sound from my old NAD 302 had better low freq response to the front speakers. The NAD T753 receiver doesn't come even close. Of course the sub can compensated for that, but I have the feeling that I am not getting the sound that I expected from the front speaker (I cannot really compare the rest of the speakers, since I never had HT setup before). I played with the crossover settings, I also removed the sub completely but the front speakers still did not performed as well as on the NAD 302. Maybe this is just a fact and I have to live with it. Or maybe I should used the pre-out (for the front speakers) on the receiver and connect them to the 302 - that way I will be using the 302 power amp and this could be a solution.
Then there is also the hiss issue, which my old 302 did not have. I read about it in the forums before I made the purchase, but my understanding was that this was fixed with the new version (T753, software version 2.0). I am waiting on the new receiver and if it has the hiss again, I will try to return it and get something else.
I spent almost 3+K on the setup, and now I don't think it was worth it.
All this combined triggered this post - I think I messed up somewhere with my hardware selection and that's why I asked for help.
Sorry for the long post.
You said hardware but the list didn't mention DVD.For best bets there Sony or Denon for $1K or less are best bets.Anice solid rack goes a long way topward enjoyment if your itching to spend some more.I noticed that one of the A'gon dealers had a 4 or 5 shelf Sound Anchor which is heavy iron and can't be beat.List is $1K but used is $500 plus what has to be some pricey shipping.Points under your main speakers and again the heaviest duty stands you can find especially if you have wood floors.I sold B&W for 6 years and folks were blown away at how much a good stand with proper placement could do for a system.If you concrete floors weight nopt as important.Spend what you like on wire and if you can choose better with a return policy if it does not give you the return you want over stock.Give up on the NAD.If it does not perform as well as the 2 channel,older cheaper stuff go with another reciver or maybe even used seprates that you can afford.That last bit of advice is comming from a 2 channel vinyl oriented person but it depends on how much music versus HT you will now use this for.But if you can re-hook up the old amp and new one does not perform as well go back to this dealer and say wwe have to work this out.
you are probably correct about the DVD player - maybe I should upgrade it next (it's a 5 years old Sony and it costed around $250 when I got it - so I don't think it matches the rest of the equipment in terms of quality).
Talking about DVD players - I believe if I just buy a good DVD player, I will not need an additional CD player, correct? I guess what I am asking is, is it worth to buy a DVD player and additional CD player? Will a good CD player be much better in reproducing music, than a good DVD player?
I guess I have to many questions...

If I understand your comments correctly, I can come to 3 conclusions:

1. you seem to be satisfied with the Linn Index speakers, as they are still being used as front speakers.
2. you are definitely not happy with the NAD HT receiver.
3. your SONY DVD player is not contributing to your displeasure with the overall music sound, even though is about 5 years old. Since the DVD player is not your music source, it's a non-factor at this point (my guess is that you have a S360D or S560D ... which were excellent with movies, but terrible with CD's.)

So, what to do? Two choices really:

1. Exchange the NAD HT receiver for another HT receiver ... assuming that your dealer will play ball with you and has other brands to choose from. From everything that I have read, the Arcam HT receivers (AVR100) do a very good job with music. Price tag is about $1200 (and I do not know your budget and accordingly, should not be spending your money). If the Arcam is not a brand that your dealer has, the Denon 3805 could be a possibility. If these are both too pricey, take a look at the Denon 2805 in the $800 to $900 range. Denon has really improved this model from its 2801 incarnation a few years ago ... the 2805 should be on-par with your NAD 302.

2. Go with a separate 2 channel amplifier for music and use the NAD for movies. You will be doing that whole PREAMP OUT switching thing ... but that may be OK for now.

Do not go chasing cables or other accessories at this point as possible solutions ... as you are unhappy with the NAD's basic sound. Cables and the such are usually "incremental, in addition to" type improvements that rarely offer complete transformation. Also, worry about the DVD player later ... get the amplification issue settled.

Regards, Rich

What you said make sense - I will wait first for the new receiver to see if it will be any better and then I will have to talk to the dealer to see what my options are. I went to the Arcam web site - they have one dealer in the whole US - I don't like that. I am also considering Rotel. Another option will be to buy separate components from Nad - I did not find a bad review about those. Yes it will be more expensive, but I can trade my T753 for a T163 pre-amp ($200-300 more) and then buy a used power amp.
Or maybe I should keep my T753 and just buy a used power amp - the problem is that I don't know if the hiss is coming from the pre amp or from the power amp.
It's not easy, let me tell you...
You know, this is interesting. I've been using Linn speakers (Ninkas, Trikan, and 5110s), and interconnects for several years. I'm using a Marantz receiver (now an SR8300) and cd player (now a DV8400).
It was very nice, but the Ninkas were lacking in dynamics and a good soundstage. I then got a bug to upgrade the cables. I went to Nordost Blue Heavens. Changed out the inputs, and went to bi-wire.
Okay, the first week the system sounded better, but not jaw dropping. Then things began to change. Soundstage increased, dynamics increased, and everything started to sound better. I'm very happy with my setup now, and I'm very impressed.
What exactly happened? I'm not sure, but I'm smiling.
i am using monster cables for now - I will upgrade them in the future and we will see.
What's your room doing ? Is it properly treated for acoustics.