What should I hear as my amp breaks in?

Ok my Bryston 14b3 just came I today. Immediately I noticed the music came out of a darker background and the music was sweeter and vocals clearer. Now this is replacing an 18 year old 14bsst that was bought used. I had bought a new 4bsst in 02 and can vaguely remember some changes. I don't get to change amps like some get to change cars every year. So from every ones memeory, what can I expect to hear from now? Its been running for 8 hours and im keeping it runninh 24/7. I'm recovering from surgery and have time to listen. Well it was tricky getting that 89lb beast out of the box with a broke foot. But I used a lot of finesse and I was going to get it running today. I know my Bryston and Tandberg gear liked to be juiced up all the time. So let me hear from members here. Thanks. Mike
I'm still hoping for that little extra
It sounds as if the new amp already surpasses what you heard from your former amp so what further improvements are you hoping to hear?   I am asking because I have owned amps that "checked all the boxes" but simply didn't give me what I was hoping for.  So, I believe each listener has intangible preferences that push their buttons when they are right.  I have had gear that gets me most of the way there but not quite.

Since you lived with (and presumably enjoyed) your previous incarnation of the same amp for so long, and since you have indicated the new amp has brought further improvements over the former (already well-liked amp) then I suggest you quit listening so hard and simply enjoy what you are hearing for a while before being critical about the parts.  The dedicated line and improved power cord should have moved you in a better direction.  If you want to try something, put your former preamp in the system and listen (assuming you still own it).  I have found that preamps can have a significant effect on how a system sounds so maybe running the new amp with the former preamp will provide better context on the sound of the new amp. 
Excellent thoughts. I have the older preamp and could put it back in. You are right. I'm not an audio reviewer with some equipment to analyze. I just need to close my eyes and get lost in the music. We all here have a thing for music and probably get more of a dopamine buzz from our music than the rest of the poplus. I think we have a gift that others don't understand
I find most good equipment seems to get a bit more open and relaxed after a weeks play or so, but the amps essential qualities are apparent immediately out of box