What should I expect after installing a new power management system?

Trying to decide between Shunyata, synergistic, transparent, Niagara from audio quest. They cost between 5000 and $8000. What can I expect when I plug my various components into this pricey box.?  Plan on also getting several higher end power cables. I thought about buying a regenerator but didn't feel this was a good thing

I have heard many things about noise floor and current clean up and a new one, improved transients.

Anyone buy a new power system lately?


@celtic66 , can you tell us what else is in your system and how it is connected? Do you have both a turntable and DAC?

I failed to mention that the amp should use a heavier power cable (~ 10 gauge) than sources for unrestricted power delivery to the transformer and to keep the capacitors charged.

So I watched the VIDEO on ASR. What a shite show, PS Audio really tripped over their dicks responding to ASR. From the review, the P12 does a good job regulating voltage, but doesn’t do much at removing noise or distortion. 

Please clearly explain "subtracting whatever seemed not there, but clearly was."

What’s really revealing in all these comments is the absence of testing. When I was at a dealer they had a couple options set up for comparison and this wasn’t really helpful. I asked if anyone looked at EMI or RFI results before and after inserting a Power System and I received a deer in the headlights stare.

There are other things to consider Beyond EMI and RFI but still there is Limited AB testing related to a power system. The whole industry has a problem with AB testing for speakers and preamps and amps and cables. It is difficult to do it in light of differences in gain settings and volume comparisons and going back-and-forth between components. But still it would be nice if this occurs more frequently by the dealer as he’s better suited to handle this. I wanted to test a very low power amp versus a exceptionally high powered amp end it wasn’t set up to do that. And I couldn’t compare preamps because he didn’t have any because I needed to order them first. This is so ridiculous