What should I expect after installing a new power management system?

Trying to decide between Shunyata, synergistic, transparent, Niagara from audio quest. They cost between 5000 and $8000. What can I expect when I plug my various components into this pricey box.?  Plan on also getting several higher end power cables. I thought about buying a regenerator but didn't feel this was a good thing

I have heard many things about noise floor and current clean up and a new one, improved transients.

Anyone buy a new power system lately?


I would like to see a power amplifier measured for noise, distortion and slew rate when connected to a power conditioner or power regenerator. I doubt you’ll be able to find such a measurement. If the power conditioner is doing it’s stated job, noise and distortion should be lower, slew rate unchanged.


has anyone run across this type of power conditioner testing.

Would slew rate not be covered under full power frequency response? I don’t see how it would not @fundsgon . Audio Science recently tested a PS Audio Powerplant with connected amplifier and measured noise and distortion. The results are "interesting". Not as interesting as the backlash, but interesting. I don’t consider this test to be definitive though. It see it more as a test of the adequacy of the amplifier, than of the relevance of the Powerplant. The amplifier was adequately designed and did not require the Powerplant. If you have a finicky tube amplifier, the results could be different. I expect for noise, that the results will be depending on all the connected equipment, not a single piece. This is another area where Audio Science, one of the only doing this level of testing, also appears deficient. Unfortunately, our hobby eschews measurement leaving us to gamble on the end result or hoping that independent sites stumble on a result relevant to us.

Thanks Deluded, that’s probably the measurement I was looking for (full power frequency response). 

Ill check out that test on Audio Science.

I have not used any power conditioners since I do not think the power to my outlets is particularly dirty or noisy. But I believe the free flow of electricity improves the sound quality of audio equipment.

Since I am not worried about 'noisy' electricity, for me 'clean' power means unrestricted power. The simpler the better so nothing interferes with the 'flow' of electricity. But if I lived in an area with regular thunder storms or power surges I would use a surge protector nonetheless.

I don't know what the equipment the OP is considering promises to do. I would question/diagnose whether anything is needed beyond facilitating for the free 'flow' of electricity from the wires in your wall to the power jacks on your components. 

In my desire to optimize the sound of my system I have added audio grade power cords, power strip/boxes and wall outlets. In the interest of electrical hygiene I plug noisy SMPS's (i.e modem, router, etc) plug into a basic power strip fed from a regular 14 ga extension cord going to a different outlet than my audio equipment. In my biased experience mo-better-cleaner power contributes to a reduction in noise floor and an increase in clarity, transients, soundstage, impact, and base.

When an aftermarket power cable improved the sound quality of my Bluesound Node streaming to external DAC I just about threw my hands up. I don't fully understand it, but I believe it, and I like it. 

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