What should I expect after installing a new power management system?

Trying to decide between Shunyata, synergistic, transparent, Niagara from audio quest. They cost between 5000 and $8000. What can I expect when I plug my various components into this pricey box.?  Plan on also getting several higher end power cables. I thought about buying a regenerator but didn't feel this was a good thing

I have heard many things about noise floor and current clean up and a new one, improved transients.

Anyone buy a new power system lately?


I’m looking at the transparent Power conditioners they seem to be the no limiting type and don’t add all those stupid capacitors which to me seems really dumb to do. I mean why would you want to put a mini amplifier into a power conditioner, who knows what the heck happens to electron flow within all these cylindrical electrical doodads.

Most peoples amps offer the ability to handle demands as needed. The audio quest Niagara box has got to be one of the most ridiculous Power conditioners I have ever seen. Add the PS audio reconditioners add volume as you pass current through this box, what the hell is all that about?

And the synergistic conditioner is also a very complicated box and doesn't provide surge protection. It says clearly in the spec area to disconnect it during electrical storms. So if I'm out to dinner I have to run home. Utterly insane


Candidly, what you can expect is a smaller bank balance. If anything, invest in installing dedicated 20 amp circuits to each outlet used to power your system. 

I would like to see a power amplifier measured for noise, distortion and slew rate when connected to a power conditioner or power regenerator. I doubt you’ll be able to find such a measurement. If the power conditioner is doing it’s stated job, noise and distortion should be lower, slew rate unchanged.


has anyone run across this type of power conditioner testing.

Would slew rate not be covered under full power frequency response? I don’t see how it would not @fundsgon . Audio Science recently tested a PS Audio Powerplant with connected amplifier and measured noise and distortion. The results are "interesting". Not as interesting as the backlash, but interesting. I don’t consider this test to be definitive though. It see it more as a test of the adequacy of the amplifier, than of the relevance of the Powerplant. The amplifier was adequately designed and did not require the Powerplant. If you have a finicky tube amplifier, the results could be different. I expect for noise, that the results will be depending on all the connected equipment, not a single piece. This is another area where Audio Science, one of the only doing this level of testing, also appears deficient. Unfortunately, our hobby eschews measurement leaving us to gamble on the end result or hoping that independent sites stumble on a result relevant to us.

Thanks Deluded, that’s probably the measurement I was looking for (full power frequency response). 

Ill check out that test on Audio Science.