What should I do with unwanted vinyl?

My New Year resolution is to get rid of my modest vinyl collection. It hasn't been played for years and I don't see that changing so it needs a good home. I have close to 300 albums in condition ranging from near new to worn out. I could list it here for local sale or take it to a used vinyl shop but haven't a clue what to ask for it. I suppose I could even donate it to Goodwill. What do you think?
I'd be interestd in taking them off your hands. Email me if you like and give me an idea of what you have available.
Count me in also. I would be very interested as well.
E-mail me what you have available plus condition.
Well I emailed Clio09 but my intention is to get an idea of the value of these, not to find a buyer. I suppose though a list may be in order. Also, I live in Indianapolis and have no intention of shipping these so whoever gets these must be nearby.
I'm going off memory with a short list. Most of these albums are early 70s rock, singer song writers such as Neil Young, Dan Fogleberg, Todd Rundgren (including a good copy of A Wizard/A True Star) and Emmy Lou Harris. I also have an excellent and very early copy of All Things Must Pass, and a copy of Concert for Bangladesh. One other interesting set are six or seven Al Kooper albums, I think I have most of his solo albums. From the 80s are a few early REM albums, most of the Police albums and music of that nature. I was always pretty careful with my albums but some of these would be pretty well worn. Thanks for any input.
Yeah, post a list (or send one to me) and I'll tell you what they're worth or tell you that I don't know. Seriously, if you want to maximize your return I would suggest going through the work of selling them. It's not so bad. For instance, if you have LP's from a group you could sell that in a small lot. I don't think any brick and mortar is going to buy them unless you have something very rare and then they won't give a rat's ass about the rest.
I'm Indy as well and would be very interested in you selection.
Put the good ones for sale in the classifieds here ,,,i may be interested in that Todd R.Wizard as mines in baaaad shape! You can email me if youd like,Peace,Ray
Is this a trick question? :^)
Worth depends on where you live, and how much work you are willing to put into selling them.
Where I live, your LPs are worth less that a buck each, IF you could find takers.
If you live in Australia... prolly' more.
Dylan, Beatles, Cream, Doors Etc.. are worth more if in near perfect condition.
Stuff like the Police, Cars.. worth maybe two bucks in perfect condition.
Selling the stuff for high prices is hard to do.
Ads here do sell some stuff, and I think are still free.
Look at them carefully:
Zero scratches and wear, near perfect covers, sell them here, ask $5. see what happens. For Dylan, Beatles, Doors, Cream, Pink Floyd in perfect condition, ask $10/$15
For ANYTHING with even one scratch that makes a click when played, the value is near zero: dump tham at the local Goodwill.
Good luck.
Donate them and take your tax deduction.
Thanks for all the info and advice.