What should I do with Castle Conway II speakers?

These speakers were inherited a while ago but I am still not sure what to do with them.

When they were working properly they sounded lovely, but since then they have done a lot of sitting around, and as such the bass cones are completely shot. I want to know whether it would be worth me having the cones replaced, or whether I would be better off spending the same money on a new pair of speakers? Also, would it be possible to get the cones repaired rather than replacing them - if so where might I be able to get this done?


I don't know the cost of getting the cones replaced or repaired, but the Conway II bears any sonic resemblance to the Conway 3, spend the money! My Conway 3 and Stirling 3 speakers are amazing.

I know Castle doesn't have much of a presence in the US right now, but Canadian or Euro dealers should be able to get what you need.

Good luck, you have a great speaker there...

Yes, these speakers were damn good when they were in proper working condition, and living in the UK I shouldn't have much of a problem finding a dealer to carry out the repair!

Anyone any ideas on the cost side of things?



Assuming that Castle is still making driver replacements or at least servicing them, the cost should not be that bad. This is usually not that time consuming a repair and labor is typically what drives the cost. I would contact Castle direct though, before speaking to a dealer.

Regards, Rich

We have tried contacting Castle in the past but to no avail - looks like it might actually be worth trying again. I had heard that it would cost something £100 to £150 to get the speakers repaired; whether this was each or for the pair I can't remember, though...


I suggested contacting Castle direct because (like EPOS 10 years ago), Castle manufactures all its own parts (in the UK). Castle's contact information is below.

In the US, Audio Advisor used to sell Castle speakers. They may be able to supply importer information; etc. You can contact them at www.audioadvisor.com.

Castle's contact information:

Castle Acoustics Limited,
Park Mill, Shortbank Road, Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 2TT, England.
Tel. (01756) 795333 Fax. (01756) 795335
Email: sales@castleacoustics.co.uk

Regards, Rich
contact may audio former castle distributor-tel-1800-554-4517 they may help if castle acoustics in the uk do not-though i cannot imagine why. i own the castle conway 3 i got from may audio-teriffic speakers both sonically and visually.