What should I do - PS Audio DAC with or without Preamp

Question for the insightful A-gon community. I have a Schiit Freya + preamp, but...just bought a PS Audio DirectStream Junior DAC w/ preamp capabilities. Given my modest set-up (I've listed my system), should I continue with the Freya+ or bypass it and use the DS Jr. as a preamp. Other than streaming my library and Qobuz with Roon, I only play CDs - if that matters.


For what it's worth I just got a Perfect Wave DAC Mk 2 and it really sounded bad used as a preamp, I also got a new Hifi Rose for a streamer but it also has a preamp built in and it sounded much better. My PS Audio BHK sounds great with the other PS Audio equipment in a huge way. Seems to me PS Audio equipment needs a dedicated preamp in general.

Do you wanna know which sounds better?

Or is more convenient?

Obviously all of your sources can run through the DAC.

@fuzztone  Ultimately, sound better. Listening now through the preamp (Freya +) and it sounds pretty darn good. My big concern was that the PS Audio DAC is in a totally different "pay grade" than my preamp.

I'll just have to experiment at some point.




Yes you are correct. Tell us what you hear. My money is on keeping the preamp, so will be interested in hearing.