What should I do if a cable company does not respond to a wrong shipment?

Hi. Long story short, I ordered a pair speaker cables from this small company in Colorado called Audio Envy, got delayed twice, asked them to double check my shipping address twice, yet the manager did not listen and ship out to my old address. He re-directed the package on the last day of arrival but it seems like the re-direct attempt has failed as status is delivered in a parcel locker. He does not respond to my emails now. What should I do with this guy?
exactly 1 minute after I post this the cable dude emailed me LOL saying he paid for the re-route but the shipping record says it is delivered in a parcel

"I don’t appreciate your tone. i’ve bent over backwards to do you a favor. I’ve spent much time and money out of my pocket. And I have bent our rules in order to do so. Breaking those rules does not give you a right to be disrespectful!  our terms and conditions are clearly stated on the invoice/website. we must deliver to the address from what you paid, otherwise we can be held accountable for fraud.  
would you like me to dig in deeper with PayPal to find out if you are a fraudulent criminal?"
I have zero issues with him checking on my criminal records by the way. I will respond accordingly with his false threats.
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I updated my address right after the payment went though and asked him to double check on the address, he ignored so I asked him again saying it is my old address and it is updated but he has to double check!
That is not so difficult but he did not check the address and shipped it to my old address. He later asked me screenshots of my paypal showing updated address and I sent him the picture right away. He apologized but stopped responding as of today and he just emailed me with some threats calling me a criminal !! That is some of the most outrageous threats I ve ever encountered if I ever was threatened before.
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Thanks for the input. Will contact paypal myself as well.
what’s wrong with going to your old address?  and if if the old address is too far away, contact one of your old friends there to check with the person at the old address.
My old address is in a different state. That is where I used to live for colleges. No friends left in that area unfortunately.

Thanks for the heads up 
The best move is to get your cables. Try contacting the owners of your old address and see if they would be willing to forward them .A small cash compensate usually greases the wheels of action. Don’t deal with this company again and write a sensible note to the business owner detailing your problems. , and make friends aware of the issues you’ve had. Unfortunately, sometimes the person who appears to be fairly obnoxious is bringing his private life to work much to the detriment of all who come into his circle.Good Luck

It sounds like Audio Envy has a policy that they can only ship to the Paypal confirmed address. Many companies have this policy. Fraud is common in on-line sales.  You should have changed your Paypal address before you paid for the cables.

It sounds like the guy tried to get the cables to you in spite of the company policy, and paid the fee to do that. I would wait to see if the cables are rerouted to you, and if they are, I would thank the guy at Audio Envy.
Hi. Upon my request to double check the address he could have stalled the shipment or I could have canceled the purchase and re-purchase the cable with the usual Paypal account which I have with my up-to-date address and info, that is why I asked him to double check, but he didn’t and did not even make a discussion for it, just sent out the cable ignoring my request. I am upset because of that and now that he threatened me like I am somekind of paypal convict LOL It is something I never experienced with anyone in my life. I fully appreciate where you are coming from. Thank you for your valued opinion.

Thanks for the advises. With all the delays and ignoring messages, I really do not wish to deal with Audio Envy any more. I will see what I can do with the new residents at my old address. Really appreciate.
Changing the shipping address in PayPal AFTER the sale is a common fraud tactic. Especially to an completely different address in another state. One need only hack their way into a PayPal account to do it. 

If I were him I'd have done the same. It YOUR fault you didn't update before buying. Paypal will tell you to take a long walk. So bitching about the seller being unreasonable when you're arguably attempting fraudulent shipping changes is absurd.

You need to watch your words. Bitching isn’t what I am doing here, I am asking for advises from people with experiences, and I well received it. I explained to Audio Envy that I the paypal account has mixed up with old one which I haven’t used for many years so he has to check the address! If the company had the brain check the address and stalled the shipment to ask me to discuss about the solution or ask me to re-purchase with the current paypal account, I would have done it right away. But they did not listen and went on without any notification! Lastly!! if I had a fraudulent intent why would I be asking for help and advises in a forum???
PayPal has NEVER let me down. If the vender doesn't mind being delisted PayPal covers disputes themselves. It's even worth the 3+% for foreign transactions.
BTW Audio Envy fulfilled my order in a flash. Nice OCC stuff.

Thanks for letting me know. I didn’t know what to expect from paypal disputes. Good news is that I just got connected with the people who received the package. Glad your occ cables and orders worked out well.
Why hit the PAY NOW button, when the account it's attached to still has an old address?  Why blame a vendor for your own oversight?

No, it IS what you're doing here. Selling online means CYA. As someone who works in online retail I can tell you I see this scam all the time (around once or more a week). Coming in after the initial purchase and then asking to change the ship address. We never do. EVER. If they go through Paypal to cancel the order we cancel it. Otherwise we ship to the confirmed PayPal address ONLY. Frankly, I could care less if you have no access to that address, thats YOUR problem.

If I were AE I wouldn't accept orders from you and report you to PayPal for potential fraud. According to PP's terms of service what it appears you are doing (even if its an honest mistake) is in violation.

Thanks for raising the question. I don’t agree this is my solely my oversight, but looking back where it happened, things mixed up because the email account I use to communicate with and the paypal account I currently use are registered in two different email addresses. I asked for a quote to them via my h email and they shoot me a paypal charge to that email. I paid right away, but when I did, it did not show my address, just the quote and the company name. Soon after I found out from the confirmation email it had my old address, I asked them to check on the address. Asked once more to make sure it delivers to me. He said yes he will double check but asked me to update the address. I did update the address instantly but the updated address ended up not showing on his end I guess. Anyhow, I took advises from people here and contacted the people living in my old address. They confirmed they received it. And I am Glad I asked about it on this forum.

Great. I hope they did as you would have done to me. Don't accept or cancel the purchase with problematic address and encourage re-purchase with the right paypal account. That would have been so much nicer. But no they did not care to listen to what I pointed out as potentially problematic and just shipped out the cable without a care. That whole thing is now past and I took people's advise from here to find a way to connect with the people who received the package. So, I am right and you are wrong. I am NOT bitching, I am taking advises and help from experienced members. Your comment on how often fraud happens that way help me understand how vendors can mistaken a customer for a paypal scammer a little bit. That I appreciate.

It sounds like you will receive your cables. So I would just learn from this experience and end the debate. You did nothing wrong. You just didn’t know how Paypal confirmed address works. Now you do.

Audio Envy tried to correct the problem, so you can decide if you want to do business with them again or not.

This sounds like a simple misunderstanding.  They happen often in all aspects of our lives and they cause a lot of problems.  I hope you receive your cables soon and enjoy them.
To the OP, it is up to YOU to make sure PayPal has your correct info. Giving the info after the fact is an unacceptable practice. Bottom line is you screwed up on your end and expected the seller to accommodate you who he doesn’t know from a hole in the wall. I would have done the same as Audio Envy. You are asking to take your word that your address changed. How does he know that for sure? There is a reason that Paypal goes through the trouble to verify an account before it can be used.   As far as being threatened, I can’t say as I don’t know what was said back and forth between you and them.

Thank you for kind words. I appreciate you see it that way. I also do understand now that there are possible misunderstandings and conflicts over a pair of inexpensive speaker cable when using paypal as a payment methods. It should be a good lesson for any audio beginners like myself.

With AE, there are things I appreciate and absolutely do not appreciate. Only time will tell if I will ever contact them again. But, first I need to get that cable delivered to me. Thank you tomcy6.

Nothing harsh was said before between me and him except for one occasion I told him not to ignore my messages when the shipment was not made on promised days twice. If you think that I am the only one to blame, I take that. I recently checked out on your awesome canare reviews if I remember correnctly, so I know You are a senior here and I am here to take advices from people with experiences. I will make sure this paypal account I had problems with is not be used any more or deleted for the better so I only use the one I normally use. Cheers.

I’m sorry this happened to you. I ran into a problem with PayPal myself 3 weeks ago. I purchased a 200 piece socket set and chainsaw (electric) from a web site that was selling refurbished DeWalt tools. It looked exactly like the official DeWalt site but I found out later it wasn’t. I ordered via PayPal express with my BOA CC but for some reason the charge didn’t seem to go through. I waited a half hour and reordered the tools using my PayPal account with the same CC.

Both charges went through and all my email messages to the web site went unanswered. 2 weeks later I received the tracking numbers for the shipment from a PayPal. I never received the merchandise and checking with the post office I found both items went to 2 different people in 2 different states. My address was clearly on the PayPal invoices. I tried contacting PayPal but they disconnected me after being on hold for over 3 hours.

I then spoke with BOA and the removed the 2 charges from my account and we are in the dispute stage now. It turns out the web site is a fraud so I never would have gotten my tools. PayPal sent me a very nasty letter chiding me for not contacting them first which I tried to do. Hopefully BOA will not put the charges back on my CC. So even us old seasoned buyers can get taken at times.

Wow that is some unheard-of issues for many years to me. I wish BOA resolve your issues correctly because obviously it was a fraud website and was delivered to non-registered addresses by you. It would be unjust not to do that. Thank you for sharing experiences so I understand paypal issues better.

Just tell them you are going to initiate chargeback proceedings against them.  

I am already taking another route to resolve this issue and will have to leave that as my last resort. Don’t really want to waste any more of my time on ordering another set of cables for now. Already spent enough. Thanks for the enlightenment.
Charge back will do nothing in this case as the address on the original payment was incorrect.  Seller followed the procedure clearly stated on his website regardless of what the OP "wanted" to do after the transaction was complete.  If the people at his prior address have them or if they put them back in the hands of the USPS as it sounds if they are in a "Postal locker" it is up to the OP to work it out with the USPS not the seller. 
I think it’s a you problem!
All on you. If he shipped to your PayPal address, he did his job. You can’t ask a company to change their procedures because you couldn’t be bothered to change your address on the source that he uses to obtain your address. “I called him twice” obviously didn’t get it done. 
dave_b and kjohn1234

I believe the vendor could have cancelled the order when I pointed out the wrong address and perhaps encourage me to give him the correct paypal account rather than just shipping out without any notification, that way it wouldn’t have been a issue. But, I understand how you guys see this and I accept your honest opinions. Thanks.
Why wouldn't you call your bank and have them dispute payment?

Also, why would you old address be in the system to begin with.

I made comments about this earlier, but to clear things up, I was communicating with the vendor via h email and he shoot the paypal charges to paypal account associated with that email address. That paypal account with the h email has never been used since registration for about 8 years. But, it still had my bank account connected so the payment worked. Found out about this instantly when I checked the confirmation email from paypal showing my old address from college days as the ship-to address. I did explain to the vendor that the paypal account was mixed up with the old one and I use g email account for paypal, but the vendor might have thought that if I just update the address on the h email paypal account, the shipment information will show the updated address on his end when he is ready for shipping. Unfortunately that did not happen and the shipment was made to the old address. To make things work properly I asked the vendor to double check on the address, which I found out for the first time from this forum thread that the action can be seen as a controversial criminal act when using paypal as payment method because there are so many paypal frauds happening in a similar way. I did not know about this at the time of asking him to check up on my shipping address.

I couldn’t figure out how to resolve this issue at the time of posting this thread, but fortunately and very thankfully, experienced members here advised me to contact the residents in my old address to retrieve the package. Asking for the bank to dispute the charge was not even an option until someone in this forum advised me to do so just before you. And I believe it is an unfair treatment to the vendor, if I forcefully take away my payment from him. When I use paypal, it is 95% ebay and 5% international purchases. I never had an issue for about 8+ years because I have been using the g email paypal account for that long. The h email paypal account was probably created a day or two earlier than the g email paypal account and left unused since its creation and I had been forgotten about the existence of the h email paypal account until this incident happened. With help and advises from many individuals who shared their honest opinions and experiences, I am willing to delete that h email paypal account as soon as this issue is resolved. Thanks for your input.
If when you first discovered the discrepancy or at any point in the days before the cables had shipped you might have saved your self a lot of trouble by simply picking up the phone and calling and talking to Cap instead of attempting to handle all your business via e-mail.  That way he could have had some level of comfort that he was dealing with the person who made the order.  You have spent far more time on here discussing this mistake on your part than any positive action prior to the actual ship date would have.  A live conversation giving him all the facts you have given us would likely have fixed the mistake.  I have ordered from AE over a half dozen times over the last two years including as recently as four days ago and never an issue with delivery to two different houses in two states. You have multiple days between the time an order is placed and when it is shipped.
Don't forget to thank the people at your old address and to apologize to Audio Envy for your oversights.

Thank you for another good info. I will try that way next time and further


Already did all that and resolved issues with Audio Envy. Thank you.
Glad you got it all worked out.  Cap really is a good guy and will go out of his way to help you make the right cable choices for your system.  He was rightfully suspicious as others have pointed out as the computer scams have gone through the roof during the Covid crisis.  Give his cables a fair shake and I don't think you will be disappointed in the performance or the pricing. 

Thank you. Its been a great learning session with this thread. I hope other baby audiophiles also notice and understand the risks smaller vendors take. It may already be a common sense to many but simple understandings can prevent troubles. So far, I’ve only had one integrated amp, a set of speakers, an a pair of cables that are not from Amazon Prime, and it really is a entirely different experience. Those gears are great creations by brilliant people, have all the passion melt down in it, but the manufacturing takes more time, the company take more risks, and owners do more multi-tasking. Definitely need to be noticed by people who are new to local audio gears. Understanding the potential scam and strict nature of paypal address is also very important.
Exactly.Audio envy destroyed the next cables in my system.-Audioquest Volcano, Pad Aqueous rca ic, Shunyata Cobra power cable and Audioquest Blizzard power cable.He delivered very well to Argentina.And he asked me every times before sending that the adress of paypal would be the adress for the shippment ( I bought two times).

That is brilliant. Thanks for sharing your experience. 
Call your credit card company.
Vendor should have cancelled the sale if it hadn't already been shipped.  However, I'm sure you knew that most vendors won't ship to anything that the related Paypal account's address and for good reason.

It's unfortunate but the error was yours.
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