what should i do?

i was using a fisher x-202-b for the past two years and was happy with my gear. loved the sound and thought i could never hear anything better. well problems started about a month ago and the end result was a couple blown caps. it had the original caps up til now. my tech replaced with modern equivalents or so he said and i really don't hear the sound that i remember. it sounds kind of dead now. i am thinking of dumping the amp and trying something new. i have a mcintosh mc250 sitting around but know preamp. if i match up a mcintosh preamp to it will i be back in audio heaven? i do use a turntable quite often so i need a preamp with a good turntable preamp section. i guess what my real question is should i abandon my 40 plus year old amp and start again with something solid state or should i look into more modern tube gear. i need to be pointed in the rite direction. what would you do? sell it all and get something totally different? i am half tempted to take the amp to another tech and see if he can bring it back to the way it was? actually im starting to get pissed as i write this... help.........

does anyone have any oppionions of the mcintosh amp? what does it sound like? i have had it hooked up before without a preamp so i did not get a good taste of it.
Nothing special about Mc250. Early transistor sonics. YMMV.
Before you invest too much hard earned cash into the old gear, making changes that will not improve the value of the amp on resale, you might want to take a listen to some of the modern designs, which are measurably more accurate. I am not saying you will like them better, but give them a listen before going far down what might be a dead end. A couple of years ago, I sold a classic old Fisher tube amp [x-101] that I once thought was simply wonderful and one guy I know thinks was the best Fisher ever. It was working fine when I sold it, but I am not a bit sorry I moved up to current gear.
well if you were me and had about 1000.00 to spend on something. what would you buy? i know a grand is not much when it comes to buying the good stuff but what would you buy? i listen to records so i need a good phono section. i am running some dynaco's a25's which i think sound great. listen to jazz mostly. just looking for some advice on going to the next level....