What should I choose??

I have the old B&W 802d's.  I also have the older, first generation, Bryston 14bsst amp (now 15 years old). Both of them are performing well and are in mint shape.  My question is this:  I am interested in the new Bryston 14cubed amp...and I am also interested in the new B&W 802D'3.  But I can't afford to do both.  Should I focus on getting the amp first or the speakers?  Please, I don't need to be told to buy amps or speakers other then the ones I am asking about as I am a big fan of my system.  I just know that B&W has reworked their D series and that Bryston has done the same with their amps.  thanks, Jim
The newer Brystons have a somewhat gentler and more subtle sound, to my way of hearing. Does that help?
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If memory serves (and it is not perfect) the big difference in the 802 series was in the bass. If you are happy with that, and only want to make things better, I strongly encourage you to leave them alone, and invest in room acoustics if you haven't, or a new amp.
If you don’t think your system is somewhat bright or thin sounding I’d side with upgrading the speakers. I could never warm up to B&W’s yellow midrange drivers, and having spent significant time with the D3 series I find their new silver Continuum drivers to be a substantial improvement. And the tweeter also sounds fantastic and melds great with the new mids such that the speakers very much speak with one coherent voice. If, on the other hand, you’d like more body and warmth and tame the treble a bit I’d consider changing the amp instead. Hope this helps, and best of luck.
First see if you can get a pair of the amps to audition with your current speakers.  That will make your decision between amps.  I don't agree with things like significant improvements over newer models.  That depends on the system that is driving the speakers (source, preamp, and amp).  Each components adds something to the sound and depending n the design can add a bigger improvement or just a little improvement.

Happy Listening. 
Why would he spend money on non perfect speakers? Hes being duped !!! 
Changing the speakers will obviously make the bigger difference. Whether that difference is an improvement or not and worth the change, is up to you and your listening preferences. I agree with the other poster who advised you to ask your dealer to loan you the amps for a weekend.
Bryston and B&W would not be a good fit. You need an amp that would add warmth. For some time, B&W paired their speakers with Classe amps for just this reason. Mcintosh amps would also add warmth.
Hello, one issue is your amp is getting old. Most people in here knows that 20 years is the approximate life of an amp due to the caps. An option is new caps. Maybe even upgrading them to something better. Way cheaper and better sound. 
I agree about room treatment. It’s like owning a really nice sport car with cheep tires. It sounds like you have the means so start with the room treatment. 
After you have done those two things you can check out speakers. Maybe there is an option to upgrade the components of the speaker. New mids and diamond tweeter. 
This might add up to your current budget and improve the sound the most. 
Try upgrading to silver interconnects or speaker wire to get the detail you are craving with your old speakers and amp. Test first, it can get harsh with some systems. 
Last but not least. Test, test, test. 


If your mind set on B&W and Bryson, I would suggest upgrading your speakers first, the newer D3 series is completely redesigned and improved. Pairing it with your old Bryson amp will give you a pretty good idea on how they sound together. If you decided to look into another brand of amps, I recommend reborn Classe Delta amps.


Another vote for room treatment. How about your cables?

PS: I used to own B&W 800D2’s....please stay away from McIntosh.
You've heard the 2 new products together already right? Because you like the synergy of the 15 year old components you're taking a leap of faith you'll  like the new combo as well. While i've never been a B&W guy I vote speakers first .
I do remember listening to a classe setup with the 802s. It was a really good match. 
Never been a fan of B&W's.  Where's the bass.  However, add a pair of REL subwoofers helps to fill in the bass.  I know I keep saying this, but I think the SALK speakers are the best I have heard under $60,000.  Jim Salk is incredibly knowledgeable as well as nice.  Tell him Larry Edwards from Denver sent you.  You will love this guy.  His cabinet build is incredible and he uses the best drivers money will buy.
How are your room acoustics? 
“Please, I don't need to be told to buy amps or speakers other then the ones I am asking about as I am a big fan of my system.”

Since you like what you have, I would recommend going over your room acoustics one more time, listen and then proceed from there.  By evaluating your acoustics in the room to ensure that you are extracting all of what your total system has to offer, you may be surprised at the improvement in sound. My room is custom built but to my exact specs for sound abatement and acoustical dampening. The best my system has ever sounded and the sound is just amazing. BTW, had a pair of 4BSSTs years ago and they drove the N800s very well but went to tube amplification later on. 

 Please, I don't need to be told to buy amps or speakers other then the ones I am asking about as I am a big fan of my system.

In that case then you should not be buying amps or speakers at all, since either one is bound to change the system you like so much. What you want instead is something that will let you keep everything you like about your system, only make it better- same imaging only better, same detail only better, same dynamics only better, etc etc. Also you want something easy to try and send back if it doesn't work out. Not something it will be a hassle to send back because of all the work and expense of packaging and shipping it back.

What you want then is Synergistic Research HFT for your speakers and room, and ECT for your electronics. Reviews are all over the site, I have them, added a little at a time, and they really work.  https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/8367  HFT are visible on the speakers and walls, and if you look real close will see ECT on a few components. They're on a lot more just not clear in the pictures.

You're probably wondering how much difference something so tiny can possibly make? Well at least as much difference as a $2500 Koetsu cartridge, $3500 Herron phono stage, but not quite as much as a $4k SR Euphoria interconnect. So somewhere in there. A lot of improvement. 

They come with a satisfaction guarantee and can be shipped back in the same envelope they came in for next to nothing. What the heck do you have to lose?

...and don't forget the lava lamps.....a pair, one L, other R, sharing the same AC power source as the mono amps....

That way, the wax responds to the amperage 'draw'.....;)

(BTW....This is a tease.  No implied performance improvement will be rendered by this addition.  Your results may vary.  However, if this mod appeals, we're offering a Great Deal on them!  {Bitcoin Not Accepted}...)
....love the lamp, MC.  It's something I wouldn't expect of you....really. *G*
I can just about guarantee its the only lava lamp in the entire history of lava lamps to be used on a Black Diamond Racing Shelf. As a matter of fact, make that TWO Black Diamond Racing Shelfs, one (defunct) cartridge demagnetizer and one Teres Motor pod! Lol!
Just another thought — I think we’ve all been big fans of our systems at one point are another until we hear the next big “oh” piece of equipment.  If you haven’t already, it might be a great time to go out and listen to some other speakers and amps just for reference if nothing else (and as someone else mentioned, if you can audition an amp at home so much the better), plus it’s just plain fun!  I worked for Magnolia and spent significant time listening to the D3 models, and I’ll just say it wouldn’t be a waste of time to at least hear the latest competition that’s out there — especially at the price point you’re looking at.  FWIW...
There's some good stuff out there for sure. But the truth is the better approach by far is to follow mahgister and me and tweak your system to the max. You can do it cheap with lots of home brew like mahgister or you can do it less cheap with different things the way I have. Either way you get way more for your audiophile dollar, and way more for your ears for that matter, than following the usual component upgrade path. It. Is. No. Contest.
I appreciate those of you who talked about listening room acoustics.  I think that is the next thing I will do before I replace my existing amp and speakers.
"Bryston and B&W would not be a good fit." p05129

Regarding the above comment...I have had this combo for 15 years.  I like my Bryston for its almost unlimited power at 600w per side.  It is a neutral sounding amp with maybe the finest warranty in the world.  I also deliberately chose the BMW 802d's to match the amp.  I listened to many speakers before making my choice. I like the B&W's for the very reason that they are often criticized, that is, being a bit neutral sounding. I agree, they don't seem to have a sound signature of their own, but dutifully reproduce whatever source music recording they are fed.  If the recording is crappy, the speakers don't hide it.  If the recording is exemplary, these speakers will let you know it and sound extraordinary. As a result, my amp/speaker combo has served to guide my listening and my music collection over the years.  There is a lot of poorly recorded music out there and the B&W's don't hide it.
I remember auditioning some Wilsons awhile back and was initially blown away by their, what seemed to be, very "present" sound.  But the more I listened the more I realized that, to me, they had a sound of their own...too bright and strident (only my opinion) and I began to feel tired. If I hadn't taken the time  to listen to them over a good period of time and on several occasions I might have bought them. For the B&W's it was the reverse experience.  On the first few listenings they did sound controlled and conservative and I was somewhat disappointed.  But, after repeated listenings, I realized that what I was hearing was their neutrality and eventually came to understand that they are honest reproducers of the source (as much as that can happen with these man-made devices)! 
And so this is why this 72 year old man likes his amp/speaker combo.  If there is anything in this world that is more subjective then how each of us perceives sound and music, I don't know what it could be...maybe politics!!  just kidding

Lots of variables such as tastes, room amplification etc. All of the B&W measurements I have seen are absolutely not a neutral frequency response. Obviously they voiced this way on purpose. I'm not saying it's wrong. 
When I was getting into home audio and trying to decide what gear to get, everyone told me to get the speakers first. From the specs of the speakers, you can compare/contrast what audio gear will be best suited for you and your system.
Sometime in the near future you can decide if you want to upgrade your power cables and interconnects. If you're like me, you want to do all of this now. However, as the saying goes, Rome wasn't built in a day."
In my experience - and I've owned more than a dozen systems over the years - there is a much more discernible difference in the sound of speakers than in the sound of electronics.  Therefore, you should buy the new speakers first.  By the way, I have a 35 year old pair of B&W 802's that one of my sons still uses in his system. They're great speakers, but for the past 20 years, I have been a convert to Magnepans - I'm on my third pair.  Happy listening. 
What preamp are you using with the Bryston? Another thing to consider would be a nice tube preamp for your front end. This would definitely give you a nice change in flavor. 
If I may change the subject a little, I have tried to find the questions on power cables but can not find it so jumping in here, looking for help with power cables.
(1) Hurricane, HC / Colorado RAC interconnect,
(2) Reveal power cable / H-F CT-2 RCA interconnect, I have been reading up on theses two options trying to decide which one to get has anyone had experience with theses cables looking at the Nagara 1200 my system.
Primaluna Dialogue Premium integrated amp,
NAD-C 568
PRO-JECT TT with Pearwood Celebration II.
any help will be gratefully appreciated don't beat me up to bad guys :)      
Don’t get anything new, save the money. You seem to be happy with your old system.
speaker's performance will degrade over years, hence suggest to upgrade the speaker first