What should I buy for Dulcets/Harbeth

Looking to purchase one of these speakers as a pair for 2 channel listening. I would like a recommendation for Reference 3A Dulcets or maybe Harbeth P3esr. I want to try and keep the cost down to around 700-800. Some have said to get tubes..but I don't wanna spend that kinda coin for those.
I never listen to Dulcet and P3esr before but have heard harbeth 7es3 and ref 3a capo. Both sounded very good. You cant go wrong with either 1 of them. Both easy to drive.

But for my taste... I like ref 3a better. It sounds more open and the high is more extended. harbeth sounds are more forgiving.
You better look at other speakers,$800 will not get them! I have the Harbeths and they go used for about $1500 to $1600 used! Good luck.
A used Spendor (3/5) is in your ballpark. And why is this question in the amp section? Move it over to the speaker section and you will get more responses!
Ref 3A de Capos and a tube amp very nice

good used primaluna, cayin, vista audio, decware

these don't need much, i use a 4 wpc amp plenty loud not concert level lol
I really enjoy my Primaluna Prologue 2 . It is a tube amp but very easy to use . Basically plug N play like a SS or chip amp . Very customisable by simply changing tubes .

Happy Tunes
There are a couple of Arcam integrateds up for sale within your price range. They are well-made and sound decent - That's the most you can ask for without spending more, IMO.