What should I buy for Dulcets/Harbeth

Looking to purchase one of these speakers as a pair for 2 channel listening. I would like a recommendation for Reference 3A Dulcets or maybe Harbeth P3esr. I want to try and keep the cost down to around 700-800. Some have said to get tubes..but I don't wanna spend that kinda coin for those.
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I never listen to Dulcet and P3esr before but have heard harbeth 7es3 and ref 3a capo. Both sounded very good. You cant go wrong with either 1 of them. Both easy to drive.

But for my taste... I like ref 3a better. It sounds more open and the high is more extended. harbeth sounds are more forgiving.
You mention tubes. Are you looking for amp suggestions for these speakers?
You better look at other speakers,$800 will not get them! I have the Harbeths and they go used for about $1500 to $1600 used! Good luck.
A used Spendor .And why is this question in the Amp section?
A used Spendor (3/5) is in your ballpark. And why is this question in the amp section? Move it over to the speaker section and you will get more responses!
Ref 3A de Capos and a tube amp very nice

good used primaluna, cayin, vista audio, decware

these don't need much, i use a 4 wpc amp plenty loud not concert level lol
Looking for amp suggestions for ref 3A dulcets or De Capo
I really enjoy my Primaluna Prologue 2 . It is a tube amp but very easy to use . Basically plug N play like a SS or chip amp . Very customisable by simply changing tubes .

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There are a couple of Arcam integrateds up for sale within your price range. They are well-made and sound decent - That's the most you can ask for without spending more, IMO.