What should I be aware of

Before purchasing a pair of Genesis speakers are there prerequsites that differ from other speakers? These may fit the bill to replace a pr. of Apogee's.The Genesis, are the model 'VI'.

Anyone aware of the web address for the new up start of Genesis?

Thanks, Guys/Gals
Click here for Genesis Loudspeakers.
I definitely think the new speakers especially the 6.1 series are designed for home theater but not for music. I auditioned them twice.
As an Apogee owner, if I were going to replace my Apogees with another type of speaker I would take a look (listen) to the hi-bred Vmps line of speakers. I have a Vmps dealer near my home and always enjoy what these speakers bring to the table. Once tuned to your listening position the bass section of these hi-breds are a seemless blend that most planer owners will enjoy IMO.