What separate tube phono stage do you use ?

Allnic, Manley and Herron are quite common. Interested in what else is out there that is not mentioned often. Good enough performance at the level of entry level Allnic and above. Lamm is great, I know.
I don't believe in "giant killers ", but there are components of outstanding value.
When you select a phono stage, all you have to consider are:
tubes vs ss
balanced vs se
available gain
active RIAA vs passive
RC vs LCR vs LR RIAA correction 
Number of inputs, switchable?
On board cartridge loading or not

 And there’s more. So it is no wonder that there are so many viable products out there in the market. And it is no wonder that there is little to no agreement on which one is the best. However, if you can afford to tie up some dollars while you audition for yourself, it is to a limited degree possible to compare phono stages in one’s own system. You can buy used and resell what you don’t like.

Luxman EQ500. NOS tele and mullard tubes.  Hoping it will last until I am too old to hear.
I don't believe in "giant killers ", but there are components of outstanding value.

Inna, you are quite correct. The TRON Convergence is small and perfectly formed :) :)
Aesthetix IO Signature with combination of NOS and modern tubes. Sounds great to me, and absolute bliss every time I play records. Tubes are the only things I have replaced over the 13-14 years of ownership. Experimented with ASR battery phono in early 2000s and Einstein phono later on. I am convinced the Aesthetix will remain for a long time.