What sends shivers down your spine when you play it on your system?

“The Ecstasy of Gold” orchestral intro on Metallica’s “S&M” CD. 
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1) Almost any cut from Aaron Neville's 'Warm Your Heart' OK, "Feels Like Rain'. 
2) Jewel channeling Janis Joplin while singing 'Have a Little Faith in Me' from the Phenomenon movie soundtrack. It sneaks up on you, then wham, It's Janis with BB&THC.
3) Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks "Where's The Money" Live at the Troubadour. Pick a cut.
4) Stevie Wonder sub-bass synth line on "I Believe When I fall in Love ..."  from the Talking Book album. Most speakers can't even make those notes, let alone capture the pitch definition and texture that's there on vinyl.

And finally,

5) Paul Galbraith 'Bach Sonatas and Partitas (arr. for guitar)' Galbraith had to conceive of, design, build, and master a custom 8-string, 2-body guitar (think guitar with subwoofer under the chair, connected by a steel rod. Seriously) so these otherwise unplayable-on-guitar pieces could be played. Next, he had to transcribe and arrange these pieces for this instrument. And then, learn to play them flawlessly for this recording. Any one of those would be noteworthy, To do all of them is truly an Olympian feat. Did I mention that it's a 2-hour double album? As a guitarist, and guitar tinkerer, as well as audiophile, hands down my favorite classical guitar album. 

Anything by John Lee Hooker
The cd- A Little light music ( All acoustic and all live) by Jethro Tull extremely well engineered.

The cut- Bouree’
“Marble Halls” - Enya