What sends shivers down your spine when you play it on your system?

“The Ecstasy of Gold” orchestral intro on Metallica’s “S&M” CD. 
Telegraph Road - Dire Straights
La Villa Strangiato - RUSH
No Pussyfooting - Fripp & Eno
Dream Brother - Jeff Buckley
Genesis - Undertow
Blow at High Dough - The the Tragically Hip

To name a few

+1 for Telegraph Road of Dire Straits (live). The guitar solo on this song (at about 4 min of the song) moves me like almost nothing else. It's a piece of art. Pure adrenaline.

Also the final guitar solo on Tunnel of love from them too. Incredible!
Nothing really sends shivers, but I think Grateful Dead's Ship of Fools comes close. Mostly because of the guitar solo at the end.

I am not a Grateful Dead fan. In fact, I find them boring and am baffled why people like them so much. This Ship of Fools must be some revenge of the Universe.
Roxy music/ avalon
jeff Buckley/ grace
pil/ album
bruce cockburn/ stealing fire
the cult/ love 
the church/ starfish.