What's your worst excuse for an upgrade

C'mon guys let's hear it......
Because I can.
I needed silver finish on an integrated amp to match everything else...I really didn't need a better amp...
"It was such a good deal, I just couldn't pass it up."
I've got a hole in my pocket and a screw loose in my head.
I need longer/ shorter cables;might as well get better ones??--- My best audio buddy Rick Jones just got the new ---; gotta keep up with the Jonses?? They just keep making better and better; I always know they have me in mind??------I just read in the forums my piece blows,big time;can't be letting that happen ,now can we??--- Oh, and lets not forget my new higher credit limit;with .000 for 9 years---Can't be wasting that kind of offer,now can we??
I can always sell it for almost as much as I paid for it.
The Spinal Tap reasoning: The new piece is an 11 - 1 better than a 10.

I need to compare two components to see which one is better. To the wife: I can always sell it if we need to on Agon - I won't lose that much.

I had to buy the pre-amp with a remote honey, it hurt too much to get up and change the volume...
It has blue lights...
It's plain and simple as my wife says...you're never satisfied, you always want more!
Oh, and I forgot to add...she's right!
I haven't upgraded for almost a month :)
Why the hell do I need two kidneys when one will do? The cash I'll get for my spare will be a windfall! Of course after selling it I'll owe it to myself to buy something nice :)
Better buy today , I could be dead tomorrow....
PayPal might cancel my account for inactivity.
Temporary Insanity ...Aerial LR5's
Holiday Blues .... SME 309 for Linn LP12
Offer I couldnt refuse...... CJ Premier 12's
Well I just sold a few pieces!
Bad day at work....Looking for deal on Aerial SW12 !
There are lots more how much time do you have.

How about this... sometimes you discover a piece from extensive research that will be a better match in your system and make your system sound closer to that elusive point of perfection.
I am bored...
I will give it to my relatives... and let them in on this glorious hobby...
1. to make dreams come true - priceless.
2. if i will be passing them on to my children as mementos of my character and taste, they better be true classics and worth more than...diamonds.
3. day dreaming about these gear are making me delirious and i can't get any work done. i just need to get them over with.
I'll *never* find another mint one for that price !!
Those speakers are ugly. Let's get something that fits into the room better.
I'm moving so room chgs and thus so do need the speakers, but when I chg the speakers...need to optimize by looking at new amps...oops now balance of system has chged need new front end...oops new system, new front end...need to experiment with various cables to further optimize...uhhh we are moving again...
It's the last time. I promise,read my lips.
It could be worse, I could be addicted to crack....
That new clutch and pilot-bearing just cost me $2500 bucks, and for the same money I could have had a new preamp -- which would give me much more joy than a clutch and bearing -- therefore it is a relative bargain. Okay, I'm buying a new preamp!
04-30-05: Smotyka
Because I can.

This might be the REASON, not excuse, when it comes to some things...like cables...