What’s your vote for the most ridiculous, overpriced, and useless tweak?

My vote: Furutech Outlet Cover 105 NCF $220, with “special crystalline material that has two “active” properties.” https://www.thecableco.com/outlet-cover-105-ncf.html


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^^^ Try pasting the inside of the wall outlet cover with PPT Total Contact and see what happens.

elizabeth sez ...

"In particular Shakti Sticks ..."

While I agree that they are flimsy, they DO work like crazy to help get a room under control. I have four in my system, one behind each speaker, and two more behind the listening position. I have A/B’ed them many times for doubters so they can hear the difference. Very effective ... just have the Gorilla Glue handy in the event that one gets knocked over.

fsonicsmith sez ...

"1) anything from Perfect Path Technologies"

I guess at this point we can assume then, that you have contacted PPT and accepted their offer for a 90 day, money-back, no obligation trial on their products, have given them a fair trial, and then found them to be unacceptable to you, correct? So, please enlighten us ... which products did you try that you found to be ineffective in your system?

I’ll wait.

Thanks ...

^^^ I tried smoking rabbits as a teenager. I found them hard to keep lit.
fsonicsmith sez ...

"OregonCaliorniaPapaDoc-I will ask you one last time-what did you pay $5,000 for?"
One last time? I don't recall you asking the first time, nor do I recall ever soliciting your advice about anything at all.  However, since you've made the assertion, I'll tell you what a person pays $5000 for when purchasing "The Gate."

The money pays for an improvement in sound quality not attainable in any other way. It virtually transforms one's listening experience. As a bonus, because it affects the circuitry in the entire home, it also improves theater systems. At this point, my 73" Mitsubishi rear projection TV's picture is absolutely stunning. 

I honestly believe that one could spend many times the amount needed to purchase The Gate on other equipment such as amp, linestage and speaker upgrades and still not attain the heights brought about by installing The Gate into one's system. This device makes improvements I've not heard before in over 40+ years in the hobby. The silence of the system is uncanny. This results in a clarity never before attained, instruments with drastically improved tonal quality, and vocals with organic realism.
"Since you have such confidence in the value of your purchase, why not unwrap the package and find out what the heck you paid for?"
I'm afraid that you'll have to come to grips with the fact that there are those of us out here who couldn't give a rat's behind how something works .... only that it does. Seriously, I don't care.
"A bundle of nano-fibers or a bundle of cat hair or a large Russian vintage oil and paper capacitor wrapped up in squirrel fur?"
Obviously fsonicsmith, not only have you not heard the advantages of The Gate, but you haven't seen one in the flesh. Therefore, you haven't taken one apart to see what's inside. As a result, your above comment has no relevance to the conversation, and like you, has no credibility on the issue to boot.

My suggestion to you (and yes, I understand that you didn't ask for my advice), would be to contact Tim and work out a plan for a 90 day, money-back guarantee on any of his products (except the Total Contact) and try them out for yourself. If you find them to be bunk, then come back in here, or the Gate forum and say so. If they improve your system as I and other's have stated, then be man enough to go into the forums and admit to your utter silliness.

Take care ...


geoffkait ....

Thank you Geoff. It is always a pleasure to meet people who appreciate my talents. :-)

mitch2 ...

I've tried to put it into words. I'm at a loss except for the word "reality," No joke.

Okay, I’ll try to answer each of you.

glow_worm ...

A $5k power conditioner to improve the picture of a rear projection TV?
Does this mean that I could breathe new life into my Philco fridge, Zenith radio (6 transistors), and Admiral TV (color) with one of these babies?
Would that be $5,000 each, or could I get by with just one?

All documented improvements are made with just one "The Gate," so you don’t need more than one. TV improvement is a side benefit as far as I’m concerned. The major benefit as far as I see it is the improved sound quality of my audio system. You most likely will have to turn the temperature in your fridge down because it will be operating more efficiently. No, it won’t affect your battery operated radio. Duh!

fsonicsmith ...

Yes, modern refrigerators have thermostats. See the response above to glow_worm. I don’t have air conditioning, so I can’t speak to that. On the overall electric bill ... My electric bill fluctuates so much during the year, it is hard to keep track. With every PPT product tried so far, including TC and the Omega E Mats, I’ve noticed an improvement in TV performance. I use mats under my satellite box and under the DVR, and I have pasted all of the connections of the satellite box, the TV and the DVD player with TC.

I can’t answer your question about my wife’s hairdryer. I don’t have a wife. I used to have a wife, but she told me one day that if I brought home one more piece of audio equipment or one more vinyl LP, she’d leave me ... and you know ... goshdurnit! ... I kinda miss her sometimes.

mitch ...

What seems to be hyperbole to some, is actually an overabundance of enthusiasm for the astounding results attained by PPT products, especially The Gate. You should try one ... 90-day return policy, remember?

On the pelican case. Look, this case brings an air of quality to a quality product. Think of the jeweler who shows you a fine diamond. He doesn’t just throw it on the glass counter-top. Heck no ... he sets it on a nice, plush, black velvet pad in order to show the diamond off in it’s the best light. Besides, the pelican case is the ideal size and an added bonus that can be used as an additional carry on piece of luggage in which to store your adult diapers. :-)

You seem to feel that "The Gate" is being sold for "many multiples of what’s in it." Evidently, you have some insight that the rest of us don’t have. How about sharing with us, exactly what’s in "The Gate," how it’s built and the total cost of production to produce just one "The Gate." I, like you, are curious to know that information too.

Thanks, guyz ...


Tweaks that work ...

1. Tweaks that reduce micro vibrations. 
2. Tweaks that reduce micro-arcing.
3.  Tweaks that clean up AC power.
^^^ I go to meetings once a week in an effort to cure my fanboyism.

"I’m struggling now to think of one ’fact’ that could be independently validated. Can you do better than me?"

Not sure what is meant by "independently validated," but here are some "facts:" 

1. Tweaks that reduce vibration are effective.
2. Tweaks that reduce miro-arcing are effective.
3. Tweaks that reduce RFI are effective.
4. Tweaks that reduce slap echo in rooms are effective.

There are plenty of aftermarket products out there that really help with the above.

Geoff ...

These are just a few of the things I’ve done to reduce micro-vibrations.

All of my electronics sit on a multi-layered rack, with constrained damping material between each layer. Then the shelves are finished off with an attractive finish material. You can see the rack in my virtual systems.

In addition to the above, each electrical component sits on a nicely finished, very heavy granite platform. Each granite platform was built in two layers, with constrained damping material between the layers. The surfaces of the granite slabs are machined to very fine tolerances to assure a perfectly level fit for the dampening material.

My turntable sits on one of the granite platforms described above. Then, between the turntable and the granite platform is what could be described as small foam donuts with a carbon steel ball bearing tightly pressed into the center of each "donut." The separate Well-Tempered TT motor sits on those "donuts" as well.

On graphene ... Perfect Path Technologies all the way, baby.

Elizabeth ...

I had a heck of a time getting my floor standing speakers to sound right on the raised foundation. Bass was boomy, which of course, affected the rest of the sound, I tried the above granite platforms under the speakers. That cleared up the sound immensely, but there was virtually no bass. So, I bought two of the Mapleshade 2" thick maple platforms. I spiked the platforms to the floor, then spiked the speakers to the platforms. Walla! everything snapped into focus. The result was a very articulate, deep bass, and a much-improved midrange and highs. I highly recommend the Mapleshade maple platforms. You can order them unfinished and save a lot of money on them. That’s what I did. Here’s a link:



PS: The glass tabletop is removed for listening sessions. Nice improvement there as well.
It is nice to know that the high school hall monitors are still alive and well. 

Other than the discussions about the audio hobby, this is what I love about this site. The humor is down-right addicting. 
"Queen loser" indeed.  :-)

^^^ Geoff has the rare ability to be able to piss you off while making you laugh at the same time. Now THAT is what I call talent. My usual reaction is something like a cross between a junk-yard Rottweiler and Tim Conway.


  • The Gate - a $5K piece of hardware that fails to deliver on its promise to access "other realms and dimensions"!!! Touted and beloved by a certain NW Agoner!

  • Power cords. No question there. If you think a fancy power cord will make the difference, when the remainder of your house wiring is barely equal to a cheap power cord, you are deluding yourself.

  • Anyway, back to the subject in hand, how about audiophile fuses? Reports of some being sold at £130 a pop reveal the depths that some will sink to.

Unlike a few others posting in this thread, I will not comment on anything I haven't tried in my own system.