What’s your top 5 Christmas albums ?

It’s snowing here in Michigan today. Got me into the Christmas spirit. Curious what’s your favorite 5 Christmas albums.

I will get the ball rolling 
Ray Charles- The spirit of Christmas 
Vince GuaraldI Trio - A Charlie Brown Christmas 
Jimmy Smith - Christmas Cookin
Various Artists- Blue Christmas (BlueNote)
Aguanko - Latin Jazz Holiday in Havana

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The Nat King Cole Christmas Album
This is like the three best female vocalist question. I could come up with more but after Jennifer Warnes what is the point?
Creole Christmas - Traditional fare with a unique Cajun flare.
Carpenter’s Christmas Portrait - Karen’s voice!
Harry Connick Jr - When My Heart Finds Christmas
A Rockin’ Little Christmas
God Rest Ye Merry Jazzmen
A Catchy Christmas
Christmas In New York- London Cast
Christmas, Bring Us
Christmas Clear
Christmas Light
Vince Guaraldi
Ella Wishes You a Swing'n Christmas
Christmas with The Rat Pack
Louis Armstrong & Friends - What a Wonderful Christmas
Nat King Cole - A Christmas Together