What's your top 10 look like?

As the music mags frequently prove, any fool can assemble a top ten best songs list. I think that we, the enthusiasts, can do better than the critics. After all, we're the ones who dwell on every detail, no matter how minute.
I would like to see what other audiophiles listen to. The music is, after all, the most important part of any system, right?
I don't want this to be a contest of whose tastes are the most obscure. I also know that it's difficult to choose just ten songs, so I have decided to simply list the top ten most played tracks in my iTunes library:

1) "9 Crimes" by Damien Rice, from the album 9
2) "Your Hand in Mine" by Explosions in the Sky, from the Friday Night Lights Soundtrack
3) "Empty Room" by Frogpond, from Safe Ride Home
4) "Amie" by Damien Rice, from O
5) "Did I Say" by Teenage Fanclub, from Four Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty-Six Seconds
6) "Devil's Waitin'" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, from Howl
7) "What If You" by Joshua Radin, from We Were Here
8) "Blue in Green" by Miles Davis, from Kind of Blue
9) "The Longer I Lay Here" by Pedro the Lion, from It's Hard to Find a Friend
10) "I Might be Wrong" by radiohead, from Amnesiac

What do you all have?
sorry no "i tunes" library or ipod. However, here are some favorite "songs" or selections I frequently return to (but not in order):

1. "Quiet Afternoon" Stanley Clarke from School Days
2. "Havana" Weather Report from Heavy Weather
3. "Are you going with me?" Pat Metheny from Offramp
4. "Help Me" Joni Mitchell from Court and Spark
5. "Don't Let the Sun go down on me" Elton John G. Hits
6. "Pretzel Logic" Steely Dan title track
7. "Outlaw Man" Eagles Desperado
8. "New York Dream Time" Brecker Brothers Detente
9. "Mirage" Jean Luc Ponty Enigmatic Oceans
10. "Affirmation" George Benson Breezin
1.True Love-Elliott Smith from Basement Demos
2.Logistic-David S. Ware Quartet from Live in the World
3.Natura Renovatur-Giacinto Scelsi from Natura Renovatur
4.Seraphic Light-John Coltrane from Sellar Regions
5.Student Studies part 1-Cecil Taylor from Student Studies
6.Romulus-Sufjan Stevens from Greetings from Michigan
7.Pen Expers-Autechre from Confield
8.Tori Pres Del La Soierie-Benjamin Lew from Nebka
9.Get what you gave-Plaid from Spokes
10.Vivacissimo Molto Ritmico-Gyorgi Ligeti from Chamber Music

I picked these out of the I've played them a lot folder in my itunes. It seems criminal to leave out some of the stuff I did. I feel like a lucky guy when I browse through my itunes, so much good stuff in there.
Thanks for the responses. Looks like I've got some exploring to do. I'll likely post this again as my top 10 changes.