What's your take on Legacy Audio Focus SE

I have a Focus 20/20 since 2004, and love every moment of it. I have had the urge several times to upgrade to another brand, but after auditioning the prospective speaker, and go back home to listen to the 20/20, its no contest. The 20/20 just suite me best. My room is small about 12'x13' but I don't balst the speakers. I went to an audio show in Atlanta two weeks ago just to listen to the Focus SE because there are no dealers in my area. The trip was worth the expense (hotel, food and air). I listened to many great sounding speakers but I keep going back to the Legacy Audio showroom. To my ears there were only three other speakers that got my attention and Whisper was one of them. I am going to upgrade to the SE. Whats your take on the SE?
I've auditioned them both, and much preferred the Whisper: more natural, airier, and better balanced sound. Are there reasons other than price that you prefer the SE? I think the SE might be a lot in your room, and the Whisper might work better, although it is doubtless a lot of speaker for your space.

The Focus 20/20's are the best I have ever heard. I miss mine. One day I will get a pair back!
I replaced a pair of Vandersteen 5 with the Legacy Focus SE. I have a larger room, 16x 22, and it is treated with bass traps/first reflection absorbers. I listen to mainly rock, electronic, indie, acoustic. I am driving the Focus with Pass labs INT-150.

I really enjoy these speaks. They are truly full range and integrated, no particular frequency range sounds displaced from the music. They image well despite the multiple drivers. I particularly like the way they reproduce stringed instruments like electric/acoustic guitar, maybe this is due in part to the ribbon midrange and tweeter? Drum kits are also realistic in scale through these speakers including the kick drum.

Cons? Took me about a week to get used to their imposing size, especially compared to the Vandersteen's. Although the Whispers are even larger, they are supposed to work well near room boundaries and may be better for your space. However, if the 20/20's are working for you, the SE should too.