What's your SDS setting?

I'm just curious - for those who own a VPI Classic or any other turntable with the SDS - what's your setting for 33?

I noticed that mine needed to be adjusted once in a while, but substantially after I lubricated my Classic recently. It's currently at 60.40 Hz. When I initially lubricated the bearing with a Teflon-based grease, it caused the platter to slow down tremendously, to the point of an audible pitch change. Adjusting the speed up brought the platter up to the correct speed, but the sound was still anemic. I fixed it by re-lubricating the bearing with a mix of the grease and a high viscosity synthetic oil.

In the past I had the SDS set to as low as 59.95 Hz so I'm curious what others' experience is with the SDS, and what caused it to be adjusted.
When VPI manufactures or sources components from their suppliers, they are spec’d to an acceptable tolerance. Variations in motor, pulley, belt and platter tolerance will result in slight speed variations.

For 2 tables to have the exact same speed without a SDS, both will need to have identical motor rotation, identical pulley diameter, identical belt tolerance with no stretch, and identical platter diameter without any deviations between the 2 samples.

If there is any deviation in tolerances between the 2 tables, they will have different speeds. It is simple physics. The SDS is designed to fine tune a table and to factor out the fact that each table will not have the exact same manufactured tolerances and be feed with a stable 60 Hz power.

If you believe that a lower frequency sounds better, then put on a motor pulley designed for a 11 ½ inch VPI platter and adjust your SDS to the low 50 HZ.
Oddly enough 58.79 Hz gives me perfect speed with a KAB
strobe on my TNT. Weird huh?

My old TNT was very close to this setting as well. And
around 64.50 if I remember with silk thread, dental floss
and fishing line. FWIW - if bypassing the belts, Mike at VPI
had a preference for fishing line when I talked to him a
while back. He said look for the Spider braided version.

but it seems to me that since all VPI tables are fully
functional and quite accurate without the SDS

Actusreus, the TNT was designed to work with a speed
controller. Otherwise it runs way to fast. So as a caution
anyone looking to purchase one used should ensure it is
being sold with a functional SDS. Otherwise budget an extra
$900 – 1000 into the purchase. I would not touch the old
PLC controller. Unless you like to rip out your hair.