What's your opinion on Transparent Power cords vs

Specifically the reference or ref xl vs Shunyata or Electraglides? I'm using all Trans. ref cable between components and speakers...Thanks
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I'd go with the top-of-the-line Siltech power cords. VERY expensive, but worth every penny. You might even want to get a bulk spool of the Siltech, and have an electrician run it from your outlets all the way to the breaker panel.
I am using the Transparent Reference XL powerlink on my Krell KPS-25SC unit and also have Reference and Reference XL throughout my system and have been pleased. There is a Powerlink XL for sale from a guy in Florida for half price on this site. I bought his XL speaker cables and his service was excellent. My neighbor, a former reviewer for Absolute Sound swears by the Top Gun power cable. Check it out too.
I have compared the top of the line Transparent to the LAT International AC-2 cord. The LAT I found is better in all respects and for a lot less money. LAT also gives you a 45 day trial period. Money back if you don't like it.