What's your opinion on Jimmy Fallon's House band THE ROOTS?

I think they are amazing to me. They are talented musicians that don't allow themselves to be narrowly defined. Very creative!

They’ve been around forever and have a rich history before Jimmy Fallon. I’ve got one of their studio albums "Do You Want More" released probably 20 years ago. Great album and great sonics too.
Yup I'm a long time fan too.   Longevity and creativity is there for them. 
The Roots are awesome. Wonderful group that has been around for ages.

Also one of their members is a big time vinyl enthusiast.


I think it was a great move by Fallon to hire them. In a day and age of artists using autotune to achieve an image of what they think sells, the Roots are refreshing in their originality. A sense of humor also doesn't hurt.
Their leader, Questlove, is also an accomplished writer with a unique style. His memoir is a musical tour of the world, very inspiring. Cheers,