What’s your obstacles on the way of listening

Summer time is coming, birds are going crazy, saws and grass cutters are buzzing, hummers are knocking, leaves are rustle... what else is on the way of your listening? ... my best season of listening is Christmas time and fallowing couple of months. Looks like Arctic Circle geographically the best place for critical listening:)... lucky Alaskans and North Canadians :)
Read somewhere that people get obsessed with finding quiet so they move and move but still end up getting wound up by the slightest noise.

Having said that anechoic chambers are strangely creepy and unsettling places- you need some background noise.

Anyone watched the Ken Russel film Altered States with the isolation/ sensory deprivation tank (admittedly drugs also involved)

The birds are pretty noisy in the morning here but lorries and loud bike pipes on the nearby bypass are the bane of my life

Had a semi 30's cottage- you could tell what channel the guy was watching next door when he wasn't coughing and almost rattling the windows- rent it out now as it used to really get me down (selfish git used to park in the middle of the loop access road and keep his tree surgery stuff everywhere; remember 1st day moving in and he said that's your spot! Tried to be nice but in the end mental health was more important.

We live on a pretty quiet street. No through traffic. I never listen in the mornings as I prefer quiet starts to the day. But the afternoons? Lawnmowers, big jets sometimes (We live under one of the flight paths for Paine Field) and sometimes the neighbor's visiting grand kids. And of course, my wife. She works from home until 1700 so out of respect I headphone or just play Halo in my office. But that works both ways: Sometimes she's not overly fond of my musical tastes. <grin>
So my serious listening sessions are typically when she's off someplace or I'm in a mood for Jazz (and she's not cooking). We negotiate and get by.

Happy listening.

"Incidentally, I was just lying in bed the other day, remembering how I was able to transport myself to another place while riding the subway to and from NYC and Brooklyn everyday. 1970’s, nyc over 8 million, horribly crowded subways, very few air-conditioned trains, and when that crowded, asses to elbows, track and brake noise, odors, OMG.
I would close my eyes, put my brain in ’I’m not here’ mode, think about .... Then, you had to have a clock, like a Cicada, to ’wake’ yourself, break the trance, to get off at your stop. 3 changes from NYC to Brooklyn (living near Pratt Institute). And that reminded me of the period when I could simply decide when I wanted to wake up, say 5:20 am. Just think it, bingo, eyes open at 5:20. Can’t do it now, but for years, any time I chose, bingo, awake."

Yes, it’s a weird habit that. I could do it once upon a time. Each morning I’d open my eyes and the clock would say more or less what I imagined.

Nowadays, my restful sleep seems to happen in the last couple of hours before waking, if at all, and without prompting I could very easily oversleep.

It was a good thing my daily treks on the London underground happened during the 80s - my late teens/early 20s - I couldn’t take it now. The trains were often hot, noisy and very crowded and back then you were obliged to give up your seat to a woman or an elderly person. I wonder if they still do it now?

It’s also kind of strange how some background sounds are quite acceptable eg surface noise, birds singing, general low level hum etc and yet the sound of a tap dripping is almost painful.

Ditto the sound of my wife’s kitchen blender - a horrible racket. She doesn’t seem bothered, whereas I’m checking noise levels on everything from fridges, washing machines, vacuum cleaners etc before buying them.

Voices too. The only less than harmonious ones (Dylan, Costello, Springsteen) I can listen to are usually surrounded by lavish production techniques.

I’ve also gradually gone from listening mainly to punk, rock and pop to easy listening (Frank, Nat, Matt) and now seem to be heading towards the string sounds of Percy Faith, Frank Chacksfield, Syd Dale, Roger Roger etc.

Oh well, I don’t care. Image no longer matters as long as my tastes are still expanding and not contracting.
My system is set up in the home theater room “dual purpose” treated and all, sound I’d fantastic but when my daughter invites friends and her boy friend over I seem to be kicked out more than not! Have lost my Friday night glass of whiskey listening sessions.