what's your latest music "score"

today I really scored while combing thru the local used CD shop in my hometown, being a college town the used selection is massive & constantly growing with lots of new interesting material everyday. tony rice & john carlini, "river suite for two guitars" & john prine, "the missing years" both $5.99/ea mint condition & resonating throughout the house as I type.

what have you folks scored lately that really made you & your rig happy??? (music or ???)
I picked up Glenn Gould's 3 CD set (A State of Wonder) consisting of his two recordings of the Goldberg Variations and a bonus CD with an interview and outtakes for $7.
Went into a store looking for Rob Wasserman's "Solos" (acoustic bass), but they only had "Trilogy" -- a compilation that included "Solos" as well as "Duets" and "Trios." Wasn't sure how interested I'd be in the latter two, but when I saw they'd marked the 3-CD set down to $13.99, how could I lose?
Turkish composer/performer Mercan Dede's new work entitled "Su" on the Escondida label and Choying Drolma and Steve Tibbetts' new work "Selwa" which is comprised of Tibetan chants paired with Tibbetts' guitar, on the Six degrees label.

Both very other worldly world music. "Su" is Eastern vocals set to electronica while the chants/guitar is very meditative. Both very different.
The Eels "Dasies Of The Galaxy," I have been searching for a vinyl copy for years. Great sound and great tunes, I love it !

Bjork's "Homogenic" and "Post," together for less than $10. Love them both and will now look for more from this odd creature. Also The Bad Plus "These Are the Vistas." Even though I'm not a big jazz fan this music gets me.
Hey Dawgfish, have you listened to Wasserman's "Dua?"
Timrhu, those Bjork albums would be on my list, except I have owned them for some time, so they don't qualify as "latest."

"Post" is my all time favorite from Bjork.
Albertporter, "Post" is an one of those that starts strong and plays all the way through while "homogenic" takes a little more effort. If I might ask Albert, which of Bjorks other pieces would you recommend? Thanks.
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I have most of Bjork's LP's and they are all different. I love that crazy girl and am easily immersed in her work regardless of when in her career it was created.

The most difficult for me is her new album, MedĂșlla. I love the fact it's double album ( LP's), recorded at 45 RPM like Radiohead's 2003 release of "Hail to the Thief." It is a stunning recording with super deep bass but is filled with very long passages of chants and noises that I have not yet adjusted to.

Guess if it came down to must choose, after "Post" and "Homogenic" I would take her 10 year old release, "Debut," which is still available on LP and CD.

I missed her very early work and would love to hear "Tappi TĂ­karrass" (which apparently translates as "Cork that bitch's arse.") This was produced sometime between 1981 and 1983 and is pretty rare, appearing after her first successful release in Iceland when she was 11 years old. Amazing little girl and although disturbing to some, I love her energy and creativity.
Thanks for response. I'll check it out for sure along with a few selections from the Sugarcubes.

Nice call on the eels album! I dig it as well. Two of my latest scores are Grandpaboy aka Paul Westerberg Dead Man Shake and the self titled release from Pitty Sing! I just cannot stop listening to it.

Actually getting to see Paul Westerberg at the 930 Club here in DC Friday. Should be awesome!


The_kid, do you have it as LP or CD? I am trying to find a copy of "Beautiful Freak" on LP. Appears to be more difficult than "Daises."
Oh great! Albertporter is recommending another group I'm probably going to like and will have to spend the next few months searching and shelling out for their music! I almost complete my collection of Dead Can Dance and now I'm going to have to go in search of Eels!

Just kidding, Albertporter. Keep'em coming!
Just purchased on Vinyl this evening:

The Shins, "Chutes Too Narrow" and The Eels, "SoulJacker."

Last week I found LP copy of Fleetwood Mac-Otis Spann's, "The Biggest Thing Since Colossus" in Berlin, Germany !

Life is good!!
Richard Goode --- Mozart --- New release here in Canada, but has probably been out in the US and elsewhere for a while. Piano solo - Outstanding playing and recording!