What’s your latest high-end audio purchase?

What’s your latest high-end audio purchase?  It can be cables, tweaks, components etc.  Also, please share why you purchased, what it replaced, and any additional tips and insights regarding your purchase.  

I hoping for this to be enjoyable and educational, so please be civil of other’s opinions and choices.


Received and have been listening to my new amp, a Parasound JC5, which is my first 'proper amp'. It really has opened my eyes to how much improvement a well engineered amplifier can bring across the board and I'm loving it.


Eventually once I get the electrical side of the house squared away by updating the electrical panel and adding dedicated lines, I'll be able to pick up some Pass x260.8s. But for now, the JC5 is making me very happy.

@bgross  it is interesting  how big of differedifferences  that can be had with tube rolling. I have been surprised  at the difference s that can be had. I am relatively  new with tubes 

So don't really consider myself a tube roller. Never fuss with my tube amp - new stock Genelex GLs in the KT88 and EL84 slots. They are tried and true. I have a tube DAC as well and want to play around with that at some point. See where the 12au7/ecc82 magic lives. The preamp/lineatage tubes make the most impact sonically. Not sure anyone would debate that but its what I find anyway. So for now, I'm my instance, I've reached the top of the 12ax7 summit. Going to enjoy these for a while and get off the wheel. 

Naim Uniti Atom headphone edition DAC streamer headphone amp. Added to Belles Signature integrated amplifier, Vandersteen VLR CT speakers with Vandersteen Sub3 subwoofer, Feickert Woodpecker turntable with Thomas Schick tonearm, Shelter cartridge, Audio Research PH-7 phonostage. Very happy.