What’s your latest high-end audio purchase?

What’s your latest high-end audio purchase?  It can be cables, tweaks, components etc.  Also, please share why you purchased, what it replaced, and any additional tips and insights regarding your purchase.  

I hoping for this to be enjoyable and educational, so please be civil of other’s opinions and choices.


I brought  a pair of western  electric  124 clones home yesterday  and played with them half the night. Anyhow line magnetic  built these with new old stock  western electric  transformers in them. I am running them directly  from the krell kps20i and using the volume  control on the monoblocks. Like them better in the tetrode  setting over the triod setting the speakers likely  need the extra power. Very classic  tube sound really enjoyable  to me. This has caused some extra work changing  speakers around the power piggies are going to go on the high powered tub system  and they way I have it setup is going into my bedroom. Really happy.


Ok so just came across some incredible Tungsram, NOS 12ax7/ecc83 that might not be high-end, but that make my high-end lineatage play like I’ve never experienced before. Have run through, Sovtek, Mullard, Telefunken, Genalex and now these Tungsrams and they are breathtakingly good. Still amazed by how incredibly a 60yo tube can play. I liked all of the ones mentioned (maybe not the Sovteks) but the others are/were each VG. Just not otherworldly like these absolute gems!

tungsrams are absolutely top tier old stock tubes, made in hungary on old telefunken/siemens tooling, closest thing one will find for those desiring the crystal clear, airy sound of real deal old stock telefunkens

always distinguish the modern day russian tubes being sold under the old brand names vs real deal ones from the ’60-80’s - as you have experienced in your case

@jjss49 so I purchased them locally from the audio estate of one of the most knowledgeable and respected tube-gear lovers I'd ever met. I've had them in a box with other tubes from his estate for over a year and never had the time to dig in and see what was there. When I finally did I was pleasantly surprised to find these wrapped in layers of foam and in their own smaller box labeld "top of the world mom" - couldn't imagine what would be inside but it was the Tungsrams. Immediately tested two (A) right off the bat and stuffed them in the Calypso. Let the system warm up for an hour before sitting down for 1st impressions. They were/are amazing. The clairity & openness far outperformed the Fisher branded Telefunkens I was using prior and they are fabulous too. These however added color and vibrancy where the others seem to play in marvelous black and white. Anyway all the cheesy superlatives aside. Im super impressed with the Tungsram 12ax7 and clearly understand why the previous owner valued them above all his other tubes. 

Received and have been listening to my new amp, a Parasound JC5, which is my first 'proper amp'. It really has opened my eyes to how much improvement a well engineered amplifier can bring across the board and I'm loving it.


Eventually once I get the electrical side of the house squared away by updating the electrical panel and adding dedicated lines, I'll be able to pick up some Pass x260.8s. But for now, the JC5 is making me very happy.

@bgross  it is interesting  how big of differedifferences  that can be had with tube rolling. I have been surprised  at the difference s that can be had. I am relatively  new with tubes