What s your latest buy? Happy with it?

Curious what the latest thing is that you added to your system? Did you buy new or used? How happy are you with the purchase? Did it meet your expectations?

(For me, it was a PS Audio PowerPlant for CD and Pre, used, very happy and exceeded expectations cause it made the system improve more than I thought possible.)
Just added three used Synergistic Master Coupler PCs to my system. These three went on the DAC, transport and PLC; the amp and preamp already had upgraded cords. The difference wasn't earth shattering, but there was a marked improvement. The sound lost a bit of grunge, has more body and is overall just more musical than before (PRaT?).

On a side note, I did the usual test by having a respected friend who is familiar with the system listen for an afternoon, then casually asked if he had noticed anything different about the sound. His observations matched mine almost exactly and that was before he knew anything had been changed.

As you might guess, I am very happy with the purchase.
I just purchased the Sonic Frontiers Line 1. I've previously owned the Anthem 2PL and liked the overall sound but was curious to hear the Line 1 and am glad I did. The sound is neutral meaning no real character just there sort of, with a slight touch of meat on the midrange. I might need you guys to help me with my next upgrade though. My system consists of PSB Goldi's, Acurus ACD11 transport, MSB LinkIII DAC with the P1000 power supply, SF Line1 pre, B&K EX4420 2-channel amp, Harmonic Truth Link ITC's and DH labs Q10 Bi-wired Speaker cables. I'm considering blowing out my MSB DAC with a mod by Dan Wilson or getting the Full Nelson upgrade from MSB. Although I like my amp, I'm curious once again to try something else. My dilemma is which one do I change next the DAC or the amp? Source or power? My gut says max out my source capabilities before I change my power. Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks for any input.
My last purchase that I am keeping is the Harmonic Technology Magic Link Interconnects. I am happy with them because they sound nattural vs. Electronic and they are almost half the cost of the cables I was comparing them to. I am currently trying the Shunyata Hydra and it seems to have evened out the differences between the to cables as well as improved the sound of my system on the whole. The soundstage got huge, details became more easy to hear, not as discrete sounds but as part of the overall soundstage.
Picked up one of those Blue Circle BC-86 Noise Hound Power Pillows that are auctioned here on AudiogoN. Got it used/mint from an individual for $225. This thing really works. Quite an amazing product.
My last purchase is a Muse Model 9 sig dvd/cd player. Replaced my Wadia 850 and a Marantz 7000 dvd. Bought is new for a great price. Awesome step up...
Last week for a big $175 I bought a used Conrad Johnson Premier 2 with Premier 3 face & knobs. All I have to say is WOW. I can't stop listening. I get up early in the morning so I can sit undisturbed. VERY satisfied. Not too long before that I switched to a used ($300) Adcom 555. Also an incredibly good change in the system.
I bought a 40 y.o. Scott LT-110 tuner several weeks ago. Now I cannot get enough FM. This is the best tuner I have ever owned. Deep rich sound with a great soundstage. Definitely one of the best purchases I ever made.
Hi Njonker; slightly off topic but appropriate I think, I just purchased 36 CDs, and one is an absolute gem, Holly Cole's "temptations". Highly recommended for the jazz ballads. Cheers. Craig.
I just received my Conrad Johnson PFR preamp to go with a CJ MF-2200 amp that I purchased at Christmas time. The PFR really matches well with the amp. This CJ stuff is really sweeeeet. Next on the agenda; speakers
Just this week I recieved a pair of Harbeth C7 ES speakers I had been waiting and waiting for,(3 months.) They are even BETTER sounding and looking than I thought possible, and they are not even broken in. I have found myself laughing out loud with joy listening to them. There is a lot of fun here in my listening room right now, hope you all are enjoying yourselves as well! Charlie
This months' upgrades: Sold my Toshiba TW40H80 and bought the Toshiba TW40X81 HDTV (same basic TV, new model) through AG, and couldn't be much happier. The trade over cost me $400, and now I have progressive scan and high definition. The improvement in DVD picture quality is a subtle, but clear one (pardon the pun), it just feels more like a theater experienc. Can't wait to get a high def source and really take her for a spin. Added the new Harmonic Tech 2 pin to iec adapter, and tried three different power cords, much improved audio, switched from Harmonic Tech Truthlink to the new H Tech Truthlink Silver. much improved audio. Morasp, I got the same response when I tried the Magic inteconnect, unfortunately I can't afford it yet, (other budget priorities) Good post Njonker. Seems that everyone is up to some cool trading. Great to hear about other members experiences. Keep those cards and lettters coming!
Just purchased a pair of Martin Logan ESL's. Even though I had to add a sub, what mid's and hi's! I'm in heaven!
A VPA 16.5 record cleaning machine. Where have you been all my life? Friends can't believe it's not butter (er CD.) vinyl is now so quiet...
I have recently become addicted to tube rolling with my computer room system (conrad johnson cav-50 integrated). Since tube rolling is out of the question with Audio Research CL-120 monoblocks(16, count em, 16 6550s) in the main system I have transformed the cj into 4 distinctly different sounds. Yes, I have signed myself into the tube asylum. With 6 systems in the house one of which is video dedicated I feel it is where I really belong. I seldom post here; but I do follow your forums.
I have had all kinds of stuff in and out of my system lately, cables costing big $ etc... the improvment that is on par with any of the expensive upgrades is Auric Illuminator CD treatment, if they could put that sound in a cable it would probably go for 2k. The best thing I have gotten lately is Chris Speed's new CD "emit" and Jim Black's new CD "alasnoaxis" and 57 other new CDs I picked up at Amoeba music in the Bay Area
Well, my latest purchase was a letdown. Having read several positive statements about Conrad Johnson digital products, I thought I'd try a CJ CF-2 cd player as an upgrade for my digital front end. (The rest of the chain is Maggie 1.6qr's, Belles 150A Hot Rod, & Music Reference RM5 pre with nos Amperex tubes.) Imagine my surprise when my inexpensive Cambridge Audio CD4se player turned out to be, overall, preferable to the three times the price CJ! The CJ did have a bit more air, extension, and resolution on top, but the lower octaves were anemic and uninvolving by comparison. Of course, the CJ had much nicer build quality. The Cambridge, in my system, was more musical, involving, and harmonically integrated. This has definitely taught me the importance of "in home" auditions. The search continues.
My two latest purchases have been front-end pieces. I bought a Michell Gyro SE II with OL RB250 arm and a Benz Ruby 2 cartridge and I am exstatic with the improvement that made. My vinyl collection never sounded so good. I also had my Perpetual Technologies P-3A upgraded to the Signature version by ModWright, and feel that the mod makes a very good DAC quite a bit better.
I also just got a Stan Warren modified DVD player. Well worth the very small cost.
Sugarbrie, Which DVD player did you modify, and what exactly was done?
I just bought 16 of the new small Iso bearings from Audio Prism. This new series incorporates a captive metal ring around the bottom, preventing the adhesive pad from moving off center. I have always loved these under my tube phono stage, and with this improvement, they are perfect (at least for me).
Harmonic Tecnology Copper Digital Cable. Yes, this is my second one. Am using one from transport to DTI and second from DTI to DAC.
Just bought a "not working" Yamaha T-1 tuner on ebay for fifty bucks. Put in a new fuse and it works perfectly. Looks good too.
I kinda went on a buying spree back in 8/2000 and 9/2000. It is typical of my history about every two years.

My purchases were:
Nakamichi CR-7a - Used - Very happy
Sansui TU-717 - Used - Bought to get my feet wet w/tuners - don't use it
JPS SC2 spkr wire w/jumpers - Used - Very happy
Fanfare FT-1a tuner - New - Very happy
Mark Levinson 383 - Used - Very happy
Spendor SP 1 / 2 - Used - don't ask
TDL Studio Monitor ‘M’ - Used - Very happy
Brianmgrarcom I am surprised you don't like the Spendors. What don't you like? Just curious but haven't hear of any folks that don't like them.
Latest 335 ML to replace 332 ML good, maybe very good. A little too bright in the mid upper mid range. Used, got a great deal. Cost was small for upgrade.

380S upgrade to 38S ML verry good! New upgrade, cost a ton. Worth it!

Proceed AVP/s to Lexicon DC1 okay. Still not happy about the surround sound programs and balancing of the AVP. Sounds much more real than DC1. DC1 was much more fun in surround programs. Am considering selling AVP and moving up, but first going to listen to other processors. Bought used, not worth it.