What's your impression about AR TSW-910 ?

I have a chance to acquire a pair of Acoustic Research TSW-910 locally.
It hasn't been hooked up for long time and I never heard about it until now, checked google and found specs and pictures on "The Classis Speakers Page" but I need more than those info to decide.
Any of you have experience on this pair, please share.

yes i had a pair and sold them(very sorry i did)i am looking for another pair.they sounded great with the right amp.i would say buy them if you still can.i you do not like them you can always sell them.even to me.
absolutely the best speaker I have had the pleasure of owning...voicing and presence is spectacular. I have had an issue keeping tweeters in the things, my system has power peaks of 900 watts per channel and the tweeters seem to go away when I crank it up. Other than that, as long as I can control my zest for unrealistic volume, they were awesome...I lost them in a divorce!....worst part of that is my ex is running them thru a cheap pioneer receiver that puts out a squeaky 30 watts!