What's your favorite String Cheese Incident CD ?

My first encounter with this band from Colorado was a couple years ago when I heard some opening cuts from their "Untying the Not" CD; the fourth cut "Orion's Belt" reminds me alot of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" but other songs are somewhat bluegrass oriented. The String Cheese Incident has been around since the mid 90s and now has several CDs out; I am interested to hear which CDs everyone likes the best. So far, in addition to "Untying the Not", I have heard "Born on the Wrong Planet" (which I think is their first CD) and "Round the Wheel"; both are really great in my opinion.
I picked up "One Step Closer" on a whim, thinking that they were a jam band (recall hearing them on Sirius). Well I listened to this disc three times, and twice I fell asleep. What a piece of garbage this CD is, IMO. I can't even think of one song that moved me. Boring in spades.