What's your favorite Sinatra album?

Mine would be Sinatra at the Sands with Count Basie.
This album stands out from all the rest of Sinatra's albums because
of the spontaneity of a live performance, the songs selected and
the Count Basie Orchestra.
Simply wonderful and intoxicating(pun intended)!
I like Songs for Swingin Lovers, but I'm not an aficionado. I also have recently spun At the Sands, and it's very good. I have a nice selection of Sinatra on vinyl, and look forward to discovering more.
"Songs For Only The Lonely"
X2 Rrog. Just got into him in the past few years. He is an acquired taste but "Songs for Only the Lonely" really takes you there.
I am with Rrog.
"Songs For Only The Lonely" is hard to beat.
MFSL gold CD of Songs For Swingin Lovers, amazing audio quality considering the age of this recording. I doubt there is a week goes by without my wife and I listening to this CD.
I found the "In The Wee Small Hours" Super Bit Jazz Classics Mini LP CD. Also, "Only The Lonely" MOFI - Ultra Disc 2
Oops, MFSL (before you ask :)
A close favorite would be Sinatra Jobim - The Complete Reprise Recordings. His rendition and interpretation of Jobim's songs are as achingly beautiful as Jobim probably intended them to be.
It is also interesting to note that Frank had a lead role in the founding of the Reprise label.
I also second the "At the Sands with Count Basie" album. Great tempo, great crowd as well.

My second favourite is the Point of No Return where he records the slow version of I'll Be Seeing You.
Nice N Easy..
It all begins w/ 'In the wee small Hours'.

Followed by 'Live at the Sands'.
Vegasears-Great call! His 60's era Capitol releases are under appreciated. Nice 'n' Easy is one of his best! If forced to pick a favorite Live at the Sands wins at 8/5(lol). I enjoy the banter with the audience from a time I never experienced.
another vote for "only the lonely" and add "The Swingin Sessions". I have both on vinyl and they sound great. Nelson Riddle...wow! The orchestration on "Only the Lonely" work of art.
All of the above are great. As for which is the best, for me, it’s all about my mood... and the Chairman's got them all covered.

I just got the Mofi “Swingin’ Session” Sacd. The quality and selection are excellent but at under thirty minutes run time, it definitely leaves you wanting more.
Thanks all for sharing. I could not find "in the Wee Small Hours" and "Songs for Only the Lonely" in my local music stores. So, I have just placed an order with Amazon for them. Can't wait for delivery which will take 2 weeks but judging by all your comments, it would be well worth the wait. Cheers!
" Only the Lonely", not just Frank's best, but one of the best albums I know. It is hard to fault, the arrangements, the emotion in the singing, just magical

"Songs for Swinging Lovers" would be number 2. I don't think he made a dud album, not that I can recall.

I just took delivery of "Only the Lonely" and "In the Wee Small Hours".
You guys are right - this is Sinatra at his melancholic best.
The Capitol remasters sound good - better than "Live at the Sands".
If the sonics for these 2 discs are rated at 4/5, then I would put that of "Live" at 3 1/2. But performance wise, for sheer energy and dynamics, "Live" can't be beat.
Thanks to all again for sharing. Cheers!