What's Your Favorite Rollins album?

Either today, or Wednesday, is Sonny's 74th birthday, and what better way to mark the event than to play some of his music? The question is, which album(s) to play? Plus 4? Sax Colossus? The Bridge? Tenor Madness? Freedom Suite? Which is your fav?
Live at the Vanguard
Saxophone Collosus is my personal favorite, and many jazz critics also regard it as his best recording.
Way Out West
No favorite,I like most of his stuff even when he was in
MAX and CLIFFORD Groups.He`s one of the best player ever in the Jazz world.
Ha ha ha.... Just goes to show...

I saw this and thought of HENRY Rollins, not Sonny : )

Personally, i thought his work with Black Flag was better than any of the Rollins band stuff : ) Sean
I have to admit I thought of Henry Rollins as well...Although I think I play Sonny plus 4 and Saxophone Collosus today.
I always thought Scottie Pippen looked alot like a very tall Sonny.
Horn Culture

Happy Birthday to The Best Living Tenor Player.
Colossus is tough to beat, but I also like Volume Two, which features a guest spot by Thelonius Monk. Also fun is Dizzy's Sonny Side Up, with Rollins and Stitt.
Alright, Way out West and Saxophone Collosus are probably
his best, but I love his guest spot on side two of Live
at Music Inn, Vol. 2 by the MJQ.

hot animal machine, the one that mark mothersbaugh did the cover for!
In descending order:

1. Saxophone Colossus (JVC XRCD)
2. Alfie (Impulse)
3. The Bridge (RCA/BMG or Bluebird (reissue))
4. Sonny Rollins in Japan (JVC XRCD)
5. The Contemporary Leaders (JVC XRCD)
6. All the Things You Are (RCA/BMG or Classic Records?)
7. Way Out West (XRCD)
Way out West is a lot of fun, but Colossus is greatness. Alfie is its own category for great film tracks.