What's Your Favorite Party Music?

What do you put on when you wanna get people moving? I'm strictly talking high db here. I've worn out some of my old favs and am looking for ammunition for the next big P. Need suggestions to audition.

I'll start out with a few of my old faithfuls. 1) "Showdown" (1985): Albert Collins, Robert Cray and Johnny Copeland take turns rifing on the guitar. 2) "Cold Snap" (1986): Albert Collins does the same thing by himself. 3) "Seconds of Pleasure" (1980) by Rockpile, semi obscure effort with Dave Edmunds and Nick Lowe.4) "In Session" (1999): Albert King w/ Stevie Ray Vaughan, what can you say about those two? 5)"American Music" (1980 rereleased 1997) by The Blasters; really obscure swinging rock party music.
For partying I like to start with MAZE with Frankie Beverly.On to some TITO PUENTE,for the mambo mood,then to some more salsa to get the blood flowing with some Jose EL CANARIO Alberto,then some more rythym and blues,like Stevie Wonder,Innervisions and Talking book Lps,some BLACK MAGIC Woman by SANTANA,and both versions of OYE COMO VA,by the master Tito Puente and mixing it up with Santanas version.Now I like to listen to some 70S DISCO on high end and that will get the HUSTLE dancers on the floor,and then it's off to ROSELAND to hear FELIX HERNANDEZ spin some 60s and 70s R&B and DISCO.Thats a party.CHEERS.
Good stuff, Vayasteve.
(Cardinal, Never though of VU as 'party' music, although they are very good, and so is the Lou Reed solo stuff).
For parties, we play a lot of sons with a bit of salsa and some cumbias thrown in (Celia Cruz, Estudiantina Invasora, Quarteto Patria, Ruben Gonsalez, Cachao, just to scrtach the surface).
Mix in some Funk (e.g. George Clinton), Blues (sp. John Lee Hooker),70's disco makes a nice change of pace (Gloria Gaynor, KC), and to give people a chance to freshen their drinks, I like to throw in some Jimmy Buffet in once in a while.
When it's time to light the cigars, a nice round of Guantanamera or Lagrimas Negras sets the mood!

Massive Attack, DaRude, Paul Van Dyk, ATB, The Velvet Acid Christ, Daft Punk, BT, Hybrid, Alice Deejay, Paul Oakenfold, Crystal Method, Webster Hall, The Chemical Brothers just to name a few. Keep the beats going non-stop!
i start out with lou reed, "songs for drella" or "death and transfiguration," then move on to the soundtrack from "until the end of the world." when everyone's in the proper mood, i switch over to modern classical stuff, preferring works by john cage and phillip glass. adding to everyones' visual pleasure, i run the dvd of "my own private idaho" on multiple monitors. usually, everybody ends up doing a line or two of prozac before heading back to the half-way house. way fun. -cfb
CFB, you forgot to mention "Metal Machine Music" which always gets things going...another good choice to break the ice and help everyone feel relaxed is anything from Einsturzende Neubauten, I like "Halber Mensch" myself. Then you can throw some video material from the Brothers Quay on the ol' tube to augment the fun tunes...
I typically end up playing DJ at the parties that one of my buddies throws. He's got a great place for big parties in an un-incorporated area i.e. NO police or neighbor problems. He also sings ( we think that's what he's trying to do ) in a band, so we've got a tri-amped PA system to play with for the music. He has everything from HUGE bonfires, a pool, volleyball, horseshoes, riding lawn mower races through a "slalom course" ( !!! ), etc... Needless to say, we always end up with kegs up the wazoo and the required "porta-potties" for bashes this big.

As to the music, it ranges from authentic 1970's disco ( on 8 track !!! ) like Brick House, Flashlight, Love RollerCoaster, Heart of Glass, Dancing Queen, etc... to country and bluegrass ala "the man in Black" ( J. Cash ), Hank Jr, whatever he's got laying around, pretty wide selection) to punk like The Exploited, 4Skins, Peter & the Test Tube Babies, Suicidal Tendencies, etc, to metal like Venom, Celtic Frost, Slayer to hard rock like Sabbath, UFO, Status Quo, Deep Purple with various amounts of alternative ( kept to a minimum but might hear Smashing Pumkins, etc.. ), some blues like Muddy Waters and some "Cab Driver" out of New Orleans ( can't remember his name right now but he's GREAT ), some Jazz via Lenny White or Mahavishnu, etc.. various industrial stuff like Einsturzende Neubaten ( which means "collapsing new buildings ), The Damage Manual and gothic i.e. The Cure, Bauhaus, some "space rock" ala the mighty Hawkwind and some good old fashioned Celtic rock courtesy of the Pogues and Skyclad thrown in for good measure.

As you can see, you never know what will be played or in what sequence, so it makes it all the more interesting. We've had people waltzing, pogo-ing, square dancing, shaking their "booties", moshing in a pit, etc... at the same party within minutes of each other. It can be GREAT fun watching how much of an idiot someone can make of themselves in such a short period of time : )

There is only ONE band that is guaranteed to be played though. This tradition has come to be known as "Mentors at Midnight". If you've ever heard the Mentors, you'll know why a bunch of drunken derelicts at a "knock down, drag out" type of party would enjoy hearing them and singing along. While the Mac Lads are a close second, nothing beats joining in with El Duece' to sing "The Four F Club".

Thanks for reminding me of what a good time i've had at these parties. I'm long overdue to get out of the house and "rock and roll". I can't wait for summer to come now : ) Sean
Personally when the party goes on too long,I've always found that Trout Mask Replica by Captain Beefheart will leave you with a years supply of beer and spirits..............
Sounds like a great party Sean! What do I have to do to get an invite....?
I also got a good laugh from JFacker's suggestion of a Brother's Quay/Neubaten mix. The party that would groove to that scene could be frightening to behold. I used to throw on animations and abstract films as visual backdrop myself; Larry Jordan's "Sophie's Place" always seemed a perfect foil for any sounds.

I would add that 'What Goes On' IS great party music as well as the entire VU album 'Loaded'. On the more upbeat pop-music forefront, Beta Band's "Three EP's" somehow seems to be great party music as are the Lily's and any of Brian Eno's first four LP's. Something by Tipsy or my 'Jungle Exotica' compilation for a more quirky mood, and Vanguard folk stuff always seems to go over well too; Jim Kweskin, Richard and Mimi Farina, etc. Another Vanguard artist from that time period, Sandy Bull, is quite good for a relaxed/chill-out mode. One of my top five discs for party sounds would be a good disc by the Shadows (the mid '60's British instro band). I like the 'Shadows Are Go!' compilation personally. Good jazz is, of course, also hard to go wrong with. Something like Lee Morgan 'The Sidewinder' or a good Art Blakey disc. Throw some Hammond organ grooves in for good measure too. The list goes on...and on.
To me personally?
Ginger Baker - Airforce, Airforce2 albums make me party a lot along with Baker-Gurvitz Army albums too.
Tom Waits -- Rain Dogs
Guesch Patti(France) -- Blonde.
Red Hot Chilli Pepper -- Mother's Milk.
Francois Hardy(France), Mireille Mathieu(France), Julliette Greco(France), Patricia Kaas(France), Joe Dassin(France)
cfb-That's amazing! I use that set too! But I use it as my regular morning music.
Would you believe Santa Esmeralda!? On vinyl with the pitch control turned up a bit.
To add to the list of electronic dance/techno: Certainly old Moby, DJ baby Ann, Sandra Collins, Darude, Mount Florida, UNDERWORLD, ORBITAL's newest, Daft punk, Bassment Jaxx. For head banging: System of a down's toxicity,(worth every 44 minutes), Limp bizkit, Godsmack to name few.
NOBODY ROCKS like George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers. It's true that GT and band are dinosaurs, or "throw-backs" to an earlier era, but for an old coot like me who loves R&R and high NRG Blues, that's good. I'd recommend his recent 2 CD set "Anthology", and also GT "Live" (from Atlanta and St. Louis gigs). At 100+ dB, GT and Band certainly give you your moneys worth. I can get seriously worked up by ZZ Top's "Antenna" also. Cheers and Beers. Craig
Clueless, I like your taste in party music the best so far. As long as your guests arent too young, try these... 1. old NRBQ @. Robert Gordon/ w Link Wray 3.Talking Heads 4.old Little Feat 5.Dan hicks
All those techno artists and no mention of Lords of Acid? Well, that's okay.
This is far too important a thread to let languish. What about Colin James and the Little Big Band -- that gets everybody moving!!! Any others that appeal to a broad range of tastes??? (Sean, I had no idea anyone else heard of Hawkwind)
It depends on the type of music, I like to mix it up.

Parliment- Mothership Connection
Ray Charles- Selections form Birth of Soul 3cd set
Bob Marley- Legend
Atlantic Rhythm and Blues various selections
various blues from willie dixon, little walter, bo diddley, and so on
and also made up cd's that will have tracks from artists ranging from Benny Goodman to Tom Waits....Everybody has material that rocks you just have to find it